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This ever happen to y'all. Did to me a couple of times, weeknights weren't always good.

But then how'd ya understand those lyricsB)



Well, I knocked down on your door, baby

To see if you were at home The shade was down, there wasn't even a sound

But somethin' told me you weren't alone

What in the world can a nasty dog do

But try to get next to you?


Mmm, well, don't laugh 'cause it ain't funny

Look how it happened to me

It could happen to you, and you could be a fool too

And it'd leave you in misery

I guess there's nothin' more a funky king can do

But try to get next to you

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23 hours ago, Subway said:

Wire, Tire, Fire




Arthur Brown really knew how to put on a show!  That song was really popular on the radio at the time, and I inherited the LP from a friend last year.

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Been on a Crimson kick lately. Found some interesting stuff along with that last post of a reworked song.

Alex ‘Stormy’ Mundy was a sound engineer for DGM I believe. One of his statements at youtube encompasses what he likes doing for his Stormy Monday series:

During the making of an album, the direction of a track is open to all sorts of possibilities. More drums? More guitar? More of this, less of that, and so on. During the making of THRAK, there were hundreds of individual tracks available on the mixing desk waiting for a choice to be made. This version of People, with isolated guitars, taken from the dance mix David Bottrill made at the time of the THRAK sessions, imagines what might have happened if a different choice had been made to the one they eventually took. Lifting the song’s outro from the rest of the band, Belew and Fripp leave the group's orbit and are set adrift to float off into their own ambient space.

That was under "People" included with this linkage.


I have it here at one of my faves the 12th out of 12, make sure to read below it for his description for this laid bare Greg Lake masterpiece.



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