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Should I keep on going - last one for now but will post the remaining LPs I have purchased at a later time 

Ulan Bator have been creating avant-garde rock music from their base in Paris since 1993: Stereolith is their twelfth album. Stereolith is full of full-on krautrock rhythmic drive and inventive electronics, but notably keeps things tight.
ULAN BATOR started their long career in 1993 in Paris as a duet composed of Amaury Cambuzat (vox, guitar and keyboards) and Olivier Manchion (bass). 
Their first rehearsal session happened in a deep, unused chalk-mine in the suburbs of Paris.
This strange location was, step by step, transformed into a "recording studio" where they were to record, compose and produce their first three recordings.




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18 hours ago, Dave1291 said:

Strange thing happened today.  :)


 I'm stoked!  :)


I'm too old for this crap!   Freakin nuts but I'll be there!    😂


That makes for a killer B Day brother! Have fun.

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Ulan has some Floyd-ish tendencies @Full Range nice stuff.

As well as @billybob playing a couple of the best-ever singers.


Wasn't doing anything avant-garde today, it's been early Deep Purple among others.


Any of y'all remember the first time you heard this on the radio? And could not stop singing or humming the chorus for days on end?


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You're spot on but I have him when he was playing with the Thunderbirds...   They played one year when my gaggle and I hit Aspen for a couple weeks.  Some lil club there.  When John Denver started he played there about 2x a week..  lol  One time a week would be enough for me.  lol




Doyle Bramhall is out w/EC so this one's almost a lock!  Fingers ARE crossed anyway.  





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