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Changing up because it's evening, and I've had a good day besides almost having to dive around the corner of this place when I heard those gunshots earlier.

One of those bands that was soo good when they were only teens!



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11 hours ago, Full Range said:

I’m doing my taxation paperwork and listening to this 

Cool piece of work! Into it at 15:00 and I heard bass notes from "One of These Days" at one point!

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13 hours ago, JohnJ said:

Not too up on genres but what I've heard here at these forums.

Think one of the several here from TN introduced me to these very talented fellas.




I love Home Free.  They were here two days ago in Vienna, West Virginia July 2.  God Bless the USA was their closer.


The genre as they said during the concert is country acapella, the only known group doing this.  This was the best open air concert I've ever heard.  Vocals were perfect, the sound crew mixed it perfectly for a listening, crystal clear without blasting it.  It was no louder than 98 db peak, which is entirely pleasant for an outdoor venue at 30 yards.


I usually expect an acapella group with vocals that tight to be a studio band.  In this case live! AND outdoors they sounded exactly like their Youtube videos.  Just spectacular.


All of their videos are great, the concert was great.  Go see them if you get a chance.



Thanks so much for posting that, I had not seen that.  That was the version they sang two days ago live! on stage.


Here is the studio version I had previously heard, featuring Lee Greenwood and the United States Air Force band.



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