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I had seen you post episode 1 Dave and listened to a little of it. Rainy morning and I just watched to the first two movies & bought the t-shirt. Now this is reminiscent of Quadrophenia!


They are trailblazing and the lyrics are not lightweight either!


There were near me in Atl for two nights last weekend, Raleigh tonight then CLT this week!


Got to get my life back! Just slept in a real bed for the first time in 16 months and I'm ready for bear except my Remington isn't with me!



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2 hours ago, JohnJ said:

They are trailblazing and the lyrics are not lightweight either!


Ya got that right John.  When you see 10-12 musicians hit the stage it makes you wonder.  Then when they start doin their thing and you watch and hear everyone's contribution to that first song?  Ya really start to take notes.  Next thing you know you're shaking your head totally drawn into the music.


Derek has and will contribute with other great artists because when they thru that slide to him he picked it up and mastered it.  He wanted to play and never got the chance until everyone thought he earned his place.  


They have it all workin for them and it just keeps getting better.


The ONLY downside to one of their shows is the kids stand, sway and sing along the entire show.  Yup, you're up on your feet for two hours jammin and there's no "sit down time" to enjoy their show.


The kids say tough luck and the older folks just mumble.  The band stays out of it as usual.  lol


You take in ONE show and you're hooked.


The great thing about it all is Unc is still driving the semi.  He drove to the majority of the Allman Brothers shows and keeps a close eye on family.  Family it is too.  ALL the kids handle the mic stand movements and lil stuff and get paid for workin.  They also have a tutor travelling with them teaching the kids when they're out.


It's ALL about family when they're out.  Couple back to back shows coming up @ Red Rocks this fall that will be killer.  Wish I could but...  lol  :)


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Yes, saw that RedRocks was SOLD OUT.

Its the fact that it is thematic and it all goes so well together that makes it remarkable. And when the WHO did their Quadrophenia that was a new sound for them, and it carried all the way through. CD's it is since I'm into this half life now. Got the three on the way! The yellow t was cool but the black has a heavier cotton weight, lasts longer.


All the t-shirts are made like they're for those lego people from that starwars ripoff. Not for guys & gals anymore. 

Thanks a lot ya ---- dim-wits!


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Ever need an extra inch?   Wait,  yea, that's about what I need right now or I'm sunk.  Don't tell me to get a waterbed either.  :)


5 hour round trip run to the MacDude today to pick up the 4100 receiver.  Got the call yesterday sooo figured I may as well spend another day driving all over the State on this weeks world tour.  He said he went through it and checked everything out and it was all within spec yet and sounded great to him.  Told me the first problem was usually all the EQ knobs.


I figured it would sound better than when I took it in.  Surprise, surprise it sounds great!  Plugged in the Oppo for a road check after wiring in the Heresy.  Gary Moore sounded fantastic in SS.  


THEN I started taking rough measurements to see if it would fit under the butcher block shelves I'm putting together.  NOT looking good.  😥


I need an extra inch.  It's gonna be tight though w/o the extra inch.  No Plan B yet but I'm werkin on it!   😂

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5 hours ago, Full Range said:

Sorry I haven’t posted for a week or so 


But I have time tonight for some Prog in the style of 

Jazz, Rock, Fusion, Avantgarde


The La Scalas just love reproducing complex music 

One Size Fits all is probably one of the more serious mothers album of the 70s period, since it gives a bigger than usual space to instrumental music with less of the scatological humour


Artist - Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention

Title – One Size Fits All




7 minutes ago, dirtmudd said:



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