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Favorite Pink Floyd track?


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Welcome to the machine starts with industrial sounds and a rumble. This low frequency rumble can already be heard in the final bars of Wish you were here (part 5), the track right before. It is so well done that each time, I think that there's a really heavy truck is in the street and it makes my house shake but... my 1972 Heresy speakers are doing this, without subwoofer.

I have a set of standing Onkyo speakers too, of which I think they sound pretty good, but when I hooked those up to my system, they completely failed at reproducing the low frequency rumble of that passage. 

Here is the youtube song, but the effect will surely be lost when you play it on laptop speakers or a smartphone.



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Yes this is a tough one because most of their catalog is outstanding. I can honestly say, unlike other bands, their albums are not full of "filler" they are meaningful tracks from start to finish.


Album? That's easy, I think the entire planet has shared their opinion on that one. When you look at the run Dark Side of the Moon had on the charts it is hard to argue - it is a complete masterpiece


When it comes to a single song, mine would be Learning to Fly. That solo never fails to deliver! I love how it makes me daydream while listening to it -  just so easy to get lost in it. Folks love to talk about Jimmy Page, Hendrix, et. al. But David Gilmour deserves much more credit than he is given - without a doubt. 


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On 6/1/2020 at 2:51 PM, artto said:

I had the fortunate opportunity to meet "the man" himself - Roger Waters.


For me DSOTM "IS" a "track". However I must admit I'm very partial to That Great Gig in the Sky with Clare Torry on vocals.


Another related fav is Roger Waters Amused to Death What God Wants Parts I II & III


Echos is a great "creepy" song.

When I was having a cardiac ablation, waiting for the anesthesiologist, the nurse asks what kind of music do I like. I said Pink Floyd. She turns on the Pink Floyd radio channel. After a while Echos starts playing (it's what, 20 minutes long?). And I'm thinking "Oh God, no. I hope this is over before they put me under!!"


Sometimes it does seem like “Echoes” does have some filler in the middle, but the lyrics are great:  


And through the window in the wall

Come streaming in on sunlight wings

A million bright ambassadors of morning


For just one small sample.


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