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Heritage Heresy Facelift


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  • 4 months later...

Having done my new rack, i now have space to put the Heresies into the living room as well. They will be used for stereo only, the RF3s for stereo & HT.

My plan, so far, is:


• Replace the caps in the XOs.

• Strengthen the rear panel with one diagonal brace and use foam-tape as sealing.

• Replace the fabric on the grills (My old cat killed them) and replace the velcro tabs with magnets and sunk-in screws.

• Repaint the black areas front and back with structured paint.


Yesterday i found a guy on ebay who had eight Jantzen Z-Caps 1µf for sale at a decent price. Hope to have them by the weekend.

Hope to get some multiplex scraps for the braces at work.

The fabric might take some time... I would like to keep it Klipsch. Crites on ebay only carries the cane variant right now. We all know what happened recently (RIP Bob), so while i do the other stuff i´ll wait. Either i can get the black fabric – or go cane, i wonder? I can also get replacement badges on ebay, no sweat.

The paint i can buy on german Amazon as well as the tape.


The only thing i´m not happy about is the verneer. 40 years left their mark. For now, i just plan on refreshing whats there and touch up missing parts with repair wax and paint. Maybe "Patiina" is the better "New".


That will keep me busy for the near future, i think.

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I think they look great.  Maybe new grill cloth but I like Heresy’s in any condition.


I had a beat up pair that had been spray painted black.  I sanded the black paint off and there was still places that were overly dark.  They kinda had that burnt look.  I just clear coated them

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On 7/1/2020 at 3:16 PM, AndreG. said:

Hello Forum,

I have a pair of Heresys that were handed down from my uncle to my mother to me. From the labels i understand that they should be 1972 make and oiled walnut. As You can see, serials are not consecutive and, to me, baffling. Can somebody make a sembelance of meaning out of these?



Cabinets are fine, just the veneer needs repair, its chipped in two places as You can see. I guess, the rest is mainly a matter of cleaning, sanding re-oiling, maybe waxing. I also want to make floorstands for them, found a template in the forum, great. And i have to rework the grills, the fabric is torn and one of the Klipsch- labels is missing.

I haven´t opened them yet, but they do work, haven´t tested them to their linits either, don´t know if that would be a wise thing to do.


There are some other things i´ve got to get done first, but then these babies are next. Until then it´s going to be more research and maybe some good ideas from You guys.



what's wrong with the badges , these  klipsch original  Lazer copper badges are worth 100$ for a pair  ---------you can buy copper reproductions for 21$  , but the originals are way better , I have the reproductions and the original ---

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19 hours ago, RandyH000 said:

what's wrong with the badges , these  klipsch original  Lazer copper badges are worth 100$ for a pair  ---------you can buy copper reproductions for 21$  , but the originals are way better , I have the reproductions and the original ---

My bad Randy, the pictures show the front of just one speaker, for the other the badge went missing over the years... I looked for it everywhere but couldn't find it. Cats...


Ed.: @RandyH000 Randy, You´re the man!!! Your post made me take another look at the place where the speakers stood for years before i moved them to the living-room. I moved a stack of old magazines i had next to one of the cabinets, i thought i searched there before -  FOUND IT!!!

Edited by AndreG.
Praise of awesome forum member
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Once the zip-tie-mounts get here i will start to re-cap and put in the braces.




At some later point i will pull out the drivers to do some drilling, filling, sanding and paining on the motor-boards. - To all who have done this before, are there gaskets that need replacing, between drivers and the boards they are mounted on? Thanks!

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So the zip-tie-mounts came in earlier and i could start work today, finally! I started out with the right speaker and first i did the bracing.



First i made some markings for the spots where the pilot holes would go to then drilled them. On the outsides i sunk in the holes (is that how you express it in english?), so i can putty the the screws over later and do a nice paintjob to the back panels as well.




I was just a tad bit too fast... to screws went through the label... Can´t be helped now, maybe i can do something about it later on and it´s just cosmetic anyway.

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Next were the crossovers. I´ll upload pics tomorrow since i´m already at my upload limit.

I haven´t done much listening till now, but somethings definitely changing. There is more happening on the right side now, sound is brighter, but not harsh, and i think details have improved. Could be that famous "veil-effect".



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