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OK you professional college grad folks what say you

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26 minutes ago, jimjimbo said:

Do you mean to say that he is not going to follow in Big Daddy's footsteps and ride the deep blue sea?.....oh, wait.....

Actually he is considering it if the program stays close or better than now. Accepted to med school, service pays full ride to any school he is accepted to plus $2600 / month stipend with 1 to 1 year payback. 4 years school equal 4 years of service. Come is as an O-3 doc. Last I looked med officer O-3 was about 130k base pay. 



and I didn't missed the attempted, but failed, dig 

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There is plenty of medical relevance in physics for starts. 2ndly he’ll add college level didactics to his resume a great plus in medicine. 3rdly it will demonstrate how well rounded and how well grounded he is foundationally. Ideally his physics work would allow him some participation in research, any research......  perfect for any science arena. 

I’d keep him away from CNA type work because of covid19. Having done this work he’s paid his dues. Step it up. Let him taste academia. He’ll enjoy the work, the people and the environment. He’ll get introduced to the politics in higher education. 


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