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KPT456 (pair) Up for Sale ****SOLD****


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Up for sale are my KPT456’s have used them for the last 3 years in my main two channel system. These speakers truly are amazing sounding. Both HF and LF crossovers were updated to factory specs as well as the 1132 horn/diaphragms when I bought them. These will bring someone many years of listening pleasure! Just look at the specs included - real nice frequency response! Highly sensitive at 104db lower dynamic listening levels are ideal as are concert level if desired. Those of you that have experienced these in a proper setup know what Im talking about, I really hate to see them go but I must sell due to health conditions and downsizing. Everything you need to know - Specs and pics included. Can be picked up in Maine or arrangement can be made for delivery. Priced to sell 1500 takes them.





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Never heard KPT-456's ... but; have a pair of KPT-904's (w/510 horns) and these are absolutely AWESOME. Much, much better than Cornwalls, Khorns/etc. Think the 456's are an earlier version of the 904's.  Compare the specs, then someone GO GET THESE! :) 

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I like the horn with the 1132 driver on the 456 over the 904. With stock crossovers the 456 is musical and works well for main or side fill speakers. The 904 is hot and the 510 has to be dialed back in my experience. I have had multiples of both and the 456 would be my choice for plug and play. Really nice speakers.

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