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I need help figuring out how much my speakers are worth, please.

Tracy D.

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Oiled Oak veneered Chorus models.  As for value it depends on if all original, all components functioning correctly and any damage done to the cabinets, grille-cloth panels, etc.  Have you even LISTENED to these?  If not...maybe you SHOULD...because these are very nice speakers!


Even location of the seller is a factor in the "Value" of them...along with distance the buyer would need to go to pick them up or the cost of shipping them involved!


Me? If I got a pair of great condition Chorus speakers...for FREE!...I would keep them and enjoy them!  Once again...give them a listen!



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Condition, location, etc affects the value of the speakers. Cosmetically from your one picture, they look like they are in good shape, but functionally could be a different story. A good rough estimate could be $700-1000. If you don't want to bother about getting them checked out to see if they are working properly, and you want a quick sale, throw them on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace with many pictures and ask $500. They will sell in a day. If you or anyone you know is into audio stuff, get them checked out and you can ask more for fully functioning speakers, but they will maybe take longer to sell. There is a garage sale section on this forum, many people here would want to buy them, if you don't decide to keep them for yourself.

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@Tracy D.,


Welcome to the forum.


You got yourself a very nice pair of speakers.  If you got them for free and don't have to sell them right now, enjoy them for a little while.  If undamaged, they will retain their value and a year from now will still be desirable.  Market value today would be in the 800.00 to $1100.00 range and will be at least that a year from now.


Where is your location?



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13 minutes ago, Tracy D. said:

Hello everyone. I am in MA. I have an offer for $800.  They are in great condition. Should I accept the $800.00? Fair price? I was going to put them on ebay but they take a percentage.

I think you can do better in eastern MA....but it could take some time.  Going by asking prices so maybe $800 is fair.  West of Worcester drops the price a bit.

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$800 is a fair price in this area, I'm in Massachusetts too. You could go higher, but they'll take longer to sell. There's a couple of the same speakers for around $1000-1100, but they aren't selling at that price. At $800, that's a good price for seller and buyer

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