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41 minutes ago, Crankysoldermeister said:

An "excess" of what exactly? How do you know the Universal just isn't "missing something"


"or maybe it has an "excess" of something?"


An excess of upper midrange frequencies around the crossover and passband frequency. Yes, the mass roll off is acoustically decreasing the frequency, but I believe you can still hear the upper mid frequencies (when they are allowed to roll off naturally) which is why (in my opinion) most people who describe the AA versus the ALK Universal say it sounds like the adjectives I used. 


Is the Universal missing something physically or intangible? Physically meaning it could have been a better or different design? Or intangible meaning it (the crossover) is not performing its job correctly and introducing or not attenuating the frequencies properly?




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4 hours ago, Curious_George said:

An excess of upper midrange frequencies around the crossover and passband frequency.





107dB on horn

104dB in-network, attenuated 3dB (tap 4)


Which matches the output of the bass bins.


The tweeter is pretty much full in at 5kHz, which matches the plot on the previous page (where the midrange begins its rapid roll off).


The response is fairly flat, so I don't know where the "excess" would be coming from. Now, what is true is that some people think that kind of sound is a bit forward for their personal tastes, but that's not the loudspeaker's fault.


Universals are shipped 6dB down, the tweeter is knocked down 3dB, and I think the low pass coil is undersized. All of this gives the impression of more bass. I won't mention the effect of that other thing because when it comes up there is always wailing and gnashing of teeth. Anyways, this is what I think people are mostly hearing.

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On 11/20/2021 at 2:11 AM, Crankysoldermeister said:

“Reasonably priced”


”…easily built”



I love this place. 

Physically, the components in a crossover are far easier to deal with compared to most of my other electronic projects.



I love this place too.


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On 12/27/2021 at 11:18 AM, Curious_George said:

works quite well and there is nothing wrong with it.  

Not according to ALK himself when it comes to the Klipsch AA. He has a whole section on his site that trashes it big time.


Well, at least he used to. Not gone there or talked to him in years. Interesting guy he is! LOL.


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On 12/27/2021 at 8:42 PM, Crankysoldermeister said:

It’s “easy” if you know how/what to do. 


To rebuild a Type A or Type AA crossover or build an ALK Uniserval, there is plenty of info here on the forum for somebody with basic skills to do it. That is what makes it "easy". If you can't solder, then you can learn if so inclined. 


If you don't feel comfortable or want to do it, then you pay somebody like Dean  or whoever to do it. 


Building passive crossovers is not difficult, especially when you already have a design to follow.  

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On 3/19/2022 at 8:41 PM, Crankysoldermeister said:

You can PM me or send me an email through my crankysoldermeister Facebook page. You can also search on deangcrossovers.

I did try contact through facebook. 

 Maybe check the "message request" folder. I will shooot a pm here also. Thank you, 


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