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WTB Crown amps


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1 hour ago, 000 said:

 Brand new full warranty  the XLi series  are pretty good amps .



XLi 800

Two-channel, 300W @ 4Ω Power Amplifier

MSRP $564.00
Save $269.00!

The XLI800's are great amps and what I use for my system and speaker testing. There is no fan noise with these and capable of great fidelity.

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2 minutes ago, MC39693 said:

@ssh, there are 2 used K2 on Canada Audio Mart in Toronto. No affiliation, buyer beware etc. I think there were some other Crown amps recently too if you can get them across the boarder? Good luck.

Yeah Canada's postal is so screwed up it is unreal and expensive too. I have more trouble sending things to Canada then any other country that I have allowed to buy.  Canadian customers have come real close twice to being cut off because their postal is so incompetent, destructive, slow and expensive.

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4 minutes ago, MC39693 said:

@Dave A, sorry to hear that... I haven’t used Canada post lately but they were good to me including I think when I bought from you!  Can be dicey going across the boarder at best of time.   There are some forum members in TO area too... pony express?

Of course not every shipment was bad. Way to many have been though.

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I would recommend a slightly different approach to this.   1 Beefy 5 channel amp, putting out 200 watts a channel.  Be quite hard to overdrive this too.  Silent,  reliable and only requiring one power outlet.  Diminishes possible ground loop issues with extra gear plugged in.   The Rotel RMB 1095.  Look for one of these or equivalent.  Even the Rotel 1075 would work well.  Or possibly their newer Class D multi channel amps.





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