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Newgarden wins Indy 500

Mighty Favog

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Speaking of the Indy 500...


Nobody cares about this but 50+ years ago, when I was in elementary school, I was in 'Mini Circus'   Ended up being a bigger thing than it may sound (there's a group on Facebook dedicated to it)


We were in the Indy 500 parade TWICE.  Here is yours truly dressed up as something someone needs to pay dearly for.  (why were Cathy and I the only ones in these dreadful outfits is beyond me....  I/we were riding a 'bedstead' (each) where they fabricated essentially a headboard of a bed and turned it into a bicycle.  (I rode a 10' unicycle in other events)  My feet were probably 4-5 feet off the ground.


You can stop and hold position while riding a unicycle....  you can't do that on the bedstead....  MUST keep moving or fall over.  Cathy fell over leaving me the only bedsteader to finish the parade.


This is during actual parade.  





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2 hours ago, JJkizak said:

The AJ Foyt guy had the fastest car.


He did until the last pit stop. 

Congrats Joseph.

I was at a 2 hour go kart endurance race at a friend's kart track (Mark Dismore, New Castle Motorsports Park) about 16 years ago. Big names were there, Scott Dixon and Dan Weldon in matching IndyCar racing suits, Dario Franchitti, John Andretti, Tony Stewart, Sarah Fisher (much better racer than Danica) Ricky Rudd, Tony Kanaan. A skinny 16 year old kid from Nashville won the event! My brother said better look out for that kid, Josef Newgarden.

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5 hours ago, OO1 said:

Penske owns the BrickYard  ,    it's home for the Team   , that  gives Penske drivers lots of confidence when overtaking other cars .

Has zero to do with it. Plenty of other Indy based teams and Penske was winning at Indy long before he owned the place.

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Roger Penske used to run outta the back end of his station wagon when he started.  He also owned a Porsche dealership in Toledo, Ohio with another guy while doing it.  Don't EVER count him out. 


IMSA next year w/Porsche, working w/Ganassi racing now on another endeavor and who knows what else. 


Won't be long til he has the Indy infield full of rides.  Think taking the kids on a Ferris wheel ride while the race is running and being able to see the entire track.  20-30 a pop for a 3 minute ride?  One smart cookie who wants to make racing a true family fun weekend.  Watch.


One year when I covered the race he had 1,2 and 3 on the starting grid.  Mears, Sullivan and Emmo.  Yea, I got him the shot he said no one else did.  All 3 cars coming down into the first turn on the green.  Vertical shot, grandstand showing w/everyone up.  It's hanging behind his desk in his NJ office is what he told me.  Cost me some time and money for the laser print, mat and framing I did but I was rewarded @ Xmas time.  Penske racing crew team jacket, the youngest daughter swiped one day along w/an etched Penske wine carafe w/all his winners etched on the back  and 6 etched wine glasses.  I ALWAYS pay it forward.  Simple.


Zero better than Roger Penske in my book when it comes to racing.  

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