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What font is this?


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On 4/16/2003 5:28:10 PM bruinsrme wrote:

Klipsch is arial black bolded or verdana bolded


I think arial is very Very VERY close, but when I recreate the "Klipsch" using that font, the actual individual letters don't look quit the same. In specific the letters "S" and "C" look different.

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On 4/16/2003 6:18:57 PM cluless wrote:

If Justin produced/reproduced the graphic...Why don't you just ask him? or am I missing something?...AGAIN.


No your not missing anything. I am sure he will wander into this top eventually.

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Just tell us or I will reveal to the board What I have learned - and that is - You are a 38 year old Coke junkie who posts from the Public Library on those rare occasions that you are able to slip past security !

If you play nice I wont pass that information around !

Your call amigo !

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ok, just so Lynnm does not post about my real identity, especially that I enjoy jump roping in poka dots, here is a list of fonts i went through to figure out what I used...


Beanie *

Bell MT

Book Antiqua


David Transparent *

Footlight MT



Goudy Old Style

Ming LiU *

MS Mincho

MS Song

Palatino Linotype (Narrow)



Times New Roman

Tranditional Arabic


the asterix (*) means it looked VERY close. In all honesty I can't find the font I used and probably because of all the crud that happened to my computer that I did this on. But those are VERY close to what I had used. If only I had saved the picture as a .psp file...

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Yes, I know this thread is six-feet under, but....


For the record...the old klipsch logo with the small "k" is a variant of the "Univers Black" font. I say variant, because the marketing department still tweaked the height (reduced 25% by the looks of it) and tracking to taste.


Univers was a popular corporate font in the 50's thru the 60's.

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