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What's Your Favorite Audiophile Excess


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The Twins have gone to Grandama's house for the holiday (you should see Grandma!) so instead of the usual Friday nihgt music thread, let's try something a little different.

The audiophile hobby, like most hobbies, has more than a little wierdness, excess, and crass commercialization huskerism associated with it.

For example. recieved my Acosutic Sounds X-mas catalogue today and two beauties stick out:

Clear Audio Matrix Record Cleaner:$3,750

Compare it this way, that's three thousands, seven hundred and fifty estate sale and thrift shop lps, or 125 brand new high end lps at $30 a toss.

But wait-------------there's more:

The Air Tight Disk Flatter: $1.699

No folks it's not a fancy whoopy cushion, it's a high tech gizmo to take the warp out of your lps. Of course you could use books, bricks etc. to achieve the same result, and if you do send me the 17 Benjamins.

Look I don't get Sterophile so I'm not exposed to this stuff on a regular basis and therefore not totally jaded to this craziness.

So what's your favorite audiophile excess?

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I saw an ad for a CD that is designed to demagnetise the entire signal path of your audio system. I think I will pass on that L'll booger! If it accomplishes that it would totally screw up my Khorns!

Nominee number 2 has to be a pair of interconnects offered elsewhere at only $11000 for a 3 foot pair which is a major discount from the normal retail of $14000 !

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Being relatively new to this hobby I find the amount of high end expensive gadgetry astounding and some of it perplexing.

I would like to see a fact or fiction article on all the strange audiophile gadgets!

fact or fiction

demag cd ?

fancy ceramic risers ?

power conditioners ?

isolation products ?

laser shield for cd players ?

tube dampers ?

Attenuators ?

Shakti Hallograph Soundfield Optimizer ?

Cable Burn in service using a CABLE COOKER ?

expensive interconnects/speaker cables one you cable is shielded can you tell the difference between $200 cables and cables up to a couple grand ?

Oh yeah "twins" fact or fiction picture

Just to name a few I can understand isolation and tube dampeners but some of the other stuff seems like snake oil...

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Now I happen to be the proud owner of a Densen Demagnetizing CD so lets be careful shall we.

It is a fascinating bit of technological wonder I will have you know.

All you do is play the thing at volume and it demegnetizes the entire audio chain from CD player to speakers.

The clever part is that all it does is play the most irritating high pitched whine you have ever heard for about 3 minutes tailing off to silence at the end.

After that the relief that it has stopped is so tangible that everything does indeed sound better. This effect is not limited to the stereo either. The dogs barking sounds melodic, the baby crying intoxicating and the wife complaining becomes a Callas Aria.

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Max that gizmo sounds like the dog wistles we'd get out of the back of comic books when we were kids for about 25 cents. Bet you paid more than that. That is really, relly funny! Maybe the thread should have been: Goofy Gear We Got Conned and/or Snuckered Into Buying.

Seti, Cable Cookers? Boy there really is one born every minute.

Am I the only one here who thinks Rube Goldberg must have been an audiophile?

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On 11/20/2004 9:05:36 PM mike stehr wrote:

"Cable Burn in service using a CABLE COOKER ?"

Save your money and just plug them into the wall for a little while each direction.


Ahh, but you can't plug interconnects into the wall...

From Stereophile October 2004 Vol. 27:

-- Audiodharma Cable Cooker v.2.5 $649 --

Breaks in virtually every kind of cable there is in order to "enrich and warm up" its sound. MY found the Cable Cooker to alleviate new cables' "objectionable constriction and brittleness." He said, "I don't know how many audiophiles would be willing to drop $649 on a cable break-in device, but any audiophile club ought to consider it. For a reviewer, the Cable Cooker is essential."

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"Just to name a few I can understand isolation and tube dampeners but some of the other stuff _____seems like snake oil..."

Thats because that is exactly what it is.....What I find even more digusting is the agitation and outright hostility that some of the "audio neurotics" exhibit if you challenge their logic or ask for some kind of credible documentation to support the use of these products. The attitude that really disturbs me is the "you just dont get it" approach, at that point I want to pick up the nearest blunt object!!11.gif

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