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Name that Tune - No Cheating Using Computer Word Searches

Jeff Matthews

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It is a GREAT album. Maybe my favorite Talking Heads album.

In regards to your song:

Well, I know what it is

But I don't know where it is (because I would have to come up with another song and I have to go work on my hardwood floors because I don't want to stay up late and the lady WOULD mind)

What do you know about the Tom Tom Club?


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The Who --Baba O Riley "Teenage Wasteland"

How about this:

So you think youre lonely
Well my friend Im lonely too
I want to get back to my city by the bay

Hey TH fans, have you heard the live that came before Stop Making Sense--"The Name of This Band is Takling Heads" -- its a killer 2CDs and it all is great

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Badge, is it?

Which is exactly what George Harrison asked Eric when they were writing it. Eric had sloppily written 'BRIDGE' at that juncture in the music. Looking at it upside down George mistakenly called it Badge and the name stuck.

Afterwards people made up all kinds of stories about why it was title that, including the Eric was PO'd at the Queen because a bunch of other rock stars had their MBE's at the time and he wanted to know 'where is my badge?'

do I win an award for trivia?

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I am Yours - Clapton. I figued it had to be a EC tune since you just saw him.

I'll post this easy gem (but only a few words), because I had never quite heard the last few words of verse until today...go figure. Pretty cool when a song you have listened to a million times gives you something new.

To the sound of old T-Rex and Who's Next

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