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Name that Tune - No Cheating Using Computer Word Searches

Jeff Matthews

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Can I suggest a slight alteration of the challenge here? A lot of popular songs have indelibly linked themselves to a simple phrase of common words, words that are perfectly ordinary and could be used in everyday speech, but in the context of "What song does this remind you of?" there's a clear and unambiguous link. Let me toss out a couple of easy examples of what I'm talking about...

When you hear: "...flatbed Ford..."

You think of: Eagles - Take It Easy

"...Ain't got no records to play..."

Talking Heads - Life During Wartime

"...toothless, bearded hag..."

Stones - Jumping Jack Flash

"...scaled these city walls..."

U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

How few words can you string together (common words, not contained in the song title) that instantly invoke a particular song?

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Starship Trooper, go sailing around.....


What'd you do, steal my record collection Jeff?

If you're stocked up on your classic Brit rock, you've got this one, no doubt...

Backward and homebound,

The pigeon, the dove,

Gone with the wind

And the rain, on an airplane.

Owning a home

With no silver spoon,

I'm drinking champagne

Like a good tycoon.


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