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I missed this, did you?

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The RB75 is quite a speaker. Not sure how Klipsch was able to get the sound and performance out of these speakers but I am sure enjoying it.

Toe in or Toe out it makes no difference. The sound is spread across the sound stage evenly and with amazing sound.

When I had the RF7s up front I was also running a pair of RB75s as surrounds. After going from Klipsch to rockets and back to Klipsch I opted to go with RB75 upfront and boy am I glad I did. I loved the RF7s but I was getting headaches listening to them/

I love the way the system sounds for both music and theater. The 75 are a smoother in than the 7s and in my smallish theater they are a perfect compliment to the room.

Having had the RF3, RF7 and now the RB75 and looking at the new line up it is a shame the 75 did not get the attention that it deserves.

Amazing speaker in such a small package.


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This is a bit of a scam or out & out stupidity.

There are advertisements by Klipsch using Lou Reed among others. I assume the celebs are compensated for this. However, I do not have a problem with this. This is how beer and chips etc are marketed.

If this was a legitimate article/review, then the reporter is a stupid jacka$$ for soliciting comments from a compensated spokesmen of the company under review.


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