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    • Carpet. And don't forget the acoustic popcorn ceiling!
    • My main system has a set of Forte IV's. They are my favorite speakers I've ever owned, and I've owned a few. I'm a rocker at heart and nothing pounds quite like a Forte in my experience. I'm temporary relocated away from my system in an apartment for 5 months. I brought some Dynaudio Special 40 speakers which do some things nicely. I've got them paired with my recently acquired Yamaha A-s1200. The combo is an utter snooze-fest compared to my Fortes. It's not a good pairing, to say the least. Listening to music is dull and uninvolving. It finally hit me today that what I'm missing is the live Klipsch sound. Nothing comes close in my experience. I'm feverishly attempting to track down some Heresy to get me by until I get back to my beloved Fortes. Heaven help the audiophile who doesn't have his Klipsch speakers.
    • Also have you tried rolling the small signal tubes in your Primaluna? If you are using the stock JJ preamp tubes you are short changing your wonderful speakers.
    • Your speakers need 100 hours minimum to break in. That midrange will open up like you won't believe. At about 80 hours the midrange really opened up on Forte IV's and Heresy IV's that I purchased new. The change was dramatic. Give it time. i didn't notice much change after 100 hours, but the sound was not very good before they reached their final stage.
    • Snowed here the whole night through , it´s still dark at 5 .50 am but looks nice outside , the moon´s light is reflected on the white landscape . Good that I don´t have to use my car today , it will be a traffic chaos here . Have a further appointment with my lawyer at 11.30 am. I can walk to him as his office is near by, maybe a 15 minutes walk. Like every morning I´m drinking a green sencha tea right now, coffee not before 10 am. So let´s see what´s going on today .......
    • - How was it shipped, Dave? USPS? UPS?
    • I am almost never here anymore but glad I dropped by to see this.  Times were definitely different back then.  Glad to see you back at the electronics Craig and best wishes. 
    • Works great and is within specs. All original parts.  Please see pictures. Will accept PayPal goods and services. Buyer pays for shipping.    Asking $200 plus shipping    My pictures are over 2mb so i added them here.    https://imgur.com/a/k2nPc8s
    • Parts and pieces showed up today. Hopefully I can start wiring it up this weekend. With the holidays here it seems like progress on projects slows down even more. I would've liked to have built the cables myself but there just isn't enough hours in the day anymore. I haven't found a good cabinet so I am going to go with the Motorola cabinet I have and just put some basic filtration in front of the fans on the QSC amps.  The signal chain (on paper) looks like this, so far: Source (PC/Sound blaster Live) Crown Straight Line One Preamp DBX PA2 Driverack For the amps, I have options and more power than I truly need but there's nothing wrong with headroom. I'll be powering 2, 3002 mains (paralleled) on each channel (2 left and 2 right so 4 ohms per channel) and 2 of the 4000 LF cabinets (8 ohms per.) For amps I have 2 MX2000A's, 2 MX1500A's and 1 MX700A.  The LF cabs need considerably more power to sound good, or so I've read. So what's the combo?  A 2000A to each 4000 bridged? That'd be 1300w into 8ohms. Might be a tad much. Even a 1500A for each 4000 bridged would be 1000w into 8ohms.  The 700A (stereo configuration) into 4ohms makes 225wpc which would be plenty I think for the 4 3002's. The system won't be cranked real loud at all so what combo makes the most sense? Thoughts?      
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