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    Cornscala DBBs/BEC Cast frame Woofers ESN DBB 450 networks, 'Walnut 75 Cornwalls, Walnut '90 H2's

    AH! Cd player with up-sampler and Siemens CCA tubes
    Too Much Music audio server
    Juice Music Peach ll Preamp
    2 Bridged Luxman M117's for LF
    McIntosh 100's Mono blocks for Mid's and Tweets

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  1. Bruce, Not on the forum much anymore. Just saw that you had surgery. You are lifted in prayer...... You are one of the good ones ! I too am 73 and have had some problems. To ask a question that "might be getting personal" really sucks! Classless ***. tc
  2. Stated by a guy with MCM-ll and two KPT-684 subs .........in his basement smile
  3. Sorry for double...... Have used a Peach ll for years. The manual is preamp 101. Only 7 pages tc
  4. I read once that that men curse so that they don't put their fist through drywall ????
  5. PS: Your name is spelled Eldon ......correct?
  6. Eldon you are still a youngster to me. Congrats brother! tc
  7. Ah man Dave was one of the good ones. RIP
  8. I really miss Bob. In the early forum days we both had great fun giving each other a hard time. Bob making fun of my lac of length (at 5'7) and me his age. However he wasn't much older than myself. Bob was a smart biz man. He saw and filled gaps for Klipsch lovers. Repairing drivers, new drivers, woofers, and upgrading networks. Cost effective products, service and shipping second to none. But I always drove down there for pickup just to see what he was up to. RIP Bob tc
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