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  1. not if you try and use your think meat and look at it in terms of class of product... direct radiating versus horn-loaded. don't you feel inadequate now?
  2. Ambient can be very cool... if it's 'processed' correctly. I enjoy ambient sound distribution... but not more than Stereo or 5.1
  3. without entering into a circular logic semantic debate, like I said... it's a Band-Aid. I think a lot of the issues for many can stem from implementation as opposed to the outright disdain of direct radiation... that being said, DR's are more alike than they are different from each other. One is just about as good as another.
  4. Not only yes... Hell yes. Once you learn what to/how to listen... Intermodulation distortion with its time variable is fairly distinct to a signal that is more linear.
  5. you should post photos of the condition of the cane...
  6. this is... ONCE AGAIN... an issue of Economics and not one of scientific relevance. If anyone wants to spend 500$ on a machined billet aluminum bracket when a 10$ stamped steel bracket can do the same work, why should we not be allowed to use Billet aluminum? Common mass mentality is that you've wasted 490$ when if fact you merely made a decision based on economics. if you want beautiful stranded and woven cables, by all means use them. in as far as 'expectation' bias... I have a different view point. if I am choosing to use something that costs me inordinately more to use, my 'Bias' is not one of justification, but one of criticality... In other words, I am actually going to be MORE CRITICAL of that item, not less critical.
  7. It STANDS TO REASON that if a poor wire/cable can make something sound worse, that a good/decent/reliable cable can make something sound better... both things MUST BE a truism in order for one of them to be the truth.
  8. this make me giggle out loud... for someone that can supposedly hear 1" MDF resonance.
  9. that would happen if you added a rounded flared that ends of that wall?
  10. that's 48" from the corner, not from the horn exit.
  11. Thurman Murman's classic crime drama...
  12. I've purchased all my speakers without hearing them first... probably because once you are sure about what you are looking for it's fairly easy to shop for that thing. Capitalcityguy, you are going to be extremely happy.
  13. Someone with Starlink post up your speeds...
  14. That's me... plain Jane.
  15. thanks for the offer... but I think I will just walk to the game.
  16. you're gonna need to remake that top hat also to maintain the volumetric space...
  17. We don't usually deal in hyperbole here, but you're not going to believe your ears. The CWIV is a different class of speaker.
  18. do you prefer openness or directivity?
  19. There is no replacement for displacement... all other things being equal, you can not mimic 'scale'...
  20. it's the SAME signal... the only audible difference is gain or the COLORATION of the amplification section.
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