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    Does anyone need an original sw115? It's not been hooked up for more than a year, probably 1.5 years... still looks almost new cosmetically. MUST BE PICKED UP, NO SHIPPING.
  2. Troy is very thorough... been listening to him for years. my response always is... measures great, sounds terrible. don't use measurements to determine whether or not something sounds good... USE YOUR EARS. if you want a baseline or ballpark, then start/begin with specifications.
  3. it's some random guy driving down the street yesterday... as soon as I saw the box I knew what it was.
  4. Just in case you thought Cassettes were dead... Fiio puts that rumor to bed. Fiio has been killing it lately.
  5. Not one person noticed the cardboard... 🫣
  6. I have an sw115 that I never use... I am thinking of taking down to the goodwill
  7. Well you know... in 1960 it was less than 20 years after Pearl, and only a few years after Korea so all things Asian was exotic and interesting, as long as it wasn't your next door neighbor.
  8. this review has presets descriptions... But it's still Personal Choice... https://www.stereocheck.com/test/dac/shanling-eh3-review-a-highly-versatile-device/
  9. sharing family stuff? Mom (Japanese) and Dad (German) around the time they decided to make me in mid 1961... only to regret it early 1962 when I was born. That was pretty taboo stuff in early 1960's. My Great Gandfather from my Dad's Dad Mothers side (Braun)... on a Movie set in Hollywood.
  10. definitely... buy used.
  11. All Jubilees originally came with an active cross over... also, if you have purchased Heritage Jubilees you have consumer Jubilees... not Professional Jubilees Professional subforum. Whether or not if you need a subwoofer is up to your personal preference... and if you have Heritage or Professional Jubilees You made your purchase without learning about their capabilities and amplification requirements? Enjoy them, and be careful with your listening levels... the speakers can absolutely damage your hearing.
  12. My other choice was a x2d Hasselblad... it's the same sensor that is in the Fujifilm... albeit it as a MUCH MORE robust price point. At that price point I can step up to the fujifilm gfx100 ii... which will do 8k video as well as 100mp images.
  13. I am... I have a good eye, so Dynamics are where it's at for me. having additional resolution is not bad to have either. While I DON'T have a full frame camera, I think I am well past that market segment and can get good use out of a medium format. Like I had mentioned, I have always wanted a view camera... perhaps someday.
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