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  1. Frequency absorption is directly correlated to the thickness of the panel. 2" does nothing for low frequencies. Also, take a look at phase coherent diffusion that front wall as opposed to absorption with a speaker that on goes down to about 45Hz
  2. I have an idea... it is NOT the speakers.
  3. why would you need three channels for a stereo pair? a stereo amplifier is enough... two monoblocks are enough... Six channel amplifier if you want to drive all drivers individually. Most equalizers are 'stereo' bases. does any of this makes sense?
  4. Oskar Sala plays as a student in 1930 on one of the first Trautonia constructed by Friedrich Trautwein 1929 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrAcSxlpJgk
  5. if you can stand the footprint intrusion, they sound SPECTACULAR!
  6. Klipsch's solution to brass... I've also used Zu audio silver jumpers with good success.
  7. peavey wont read existing xilica files, as those .xdat and the peavey are .prs unless those files are converted, I didnt check on connectivity, but the peavey software functions in the same manner in terms of computer connectivity.
  8. that is precisely when I have doing... dual three channels and a sub channel running an array. that leaves me with a free single unused channel on the dsp. for what it's worth, my subwoofers are in a line array, they should run off a single source channel and daisy chained because we are trying to couple them. I will try and see what that software looks like sometime this week.
  9. Generally... That ^ is not what 'small' means in the settings.
  10. I downloaded the software... but I have not installed or tried as it yet. I mean if the file extension is the same or similar in nature, the possibility is strong that it will work. if it's a proprietary format then, not. Like all photo apps being able to run jpg's or tiff's. what's your need, 12 channels total? Can you run 9 channels by running the 'center' in series?
  11. I am searching for chipset info... but just looking at these, it looks very nice... Specially @ 500$ the signal generator is a great feature to have. I am curious... I wonder if the Peavey software would recognize the Xilica Chip/Hardware... It might. https://peaveycommercialaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/VSX-26e-DSP-Processor-Editor-V1.0-Setup.zip
  12. I have not... but those spec's are pretty close to the 4080 Xilica. If I needed more channels for a 2-3 way center, I would definitely give it a go. it's hard to say how noisy it might be. you can also try and source an 8080 xilica.
  13. Oh yes... Nelson's work is awesome. Decware ISN'T the best example.
  14. My experience with Tubes is in direct conflict with yours... I have nothing but great listening sessions with Tube based Amplification AND Pre-Amplication that is not really captured by Solid State in my experiences... They are different.
  15. I listen to Electronic Equipment... and to do so, I use Music!
  16. https://audeum.org/home
  17. Subjectively... Craigs MagneQuest VRD Push Pull monoblocks with lower output power tubes combined with La Scala II's...
  18. I hate Class D these days... Convenient? yes... Quite? yes... Damping? yes... Powerful? yes... I still dont like them that much. do I use them? yes...
  19. mor larger... mor betta... all the way up the entire line.
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