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  1. what happened to the overhead... []
  2. my box had that same outer damage. luckily it was fine inside.
  3. ah, nice. I need something like that for interim. what kind of angle are they?
  4. Schu


    like most... my room placement is somewhat dictated by room layout, electrical outlets and cable access. I have my 115 dialed in pretty much as good as I can expect for now(even though I am always tweaking), I just notice that if I stand up from my listening position and walk to about 70º off, the bass gets extremely loud and impressive. I really don't have my bass max'ed out or even near max... as I prefer a more subtle blended sound.
  5. Schu


    Pretty good info... thanks
  6. Schu


    from my experimentation... I needed to dial back the out put of my 115 so it would "blend" well with my cornwalls. for HT it is also a bit over powering and I try and get a natural extension and "blend" between all speakers.I think I am still trying to work in my 64ii to a point where it is "natural".
  7. Schu


    one thing I have noticed about my 115 is that the effectiveness form the sub is not directly in front of the housing @ 0º, but actually off at an angle of about 70-80º or so. what do you think could be accounting for this?
  8. Nope... no good. you need to go back to the drawing board! []
  9. a pair of these would be cool in the home... powered by who knows what.
  10. Schu

    Spl meter

    that's all they are used for is channel level? transduction.
  11. Schu

    Spl meter

    is there a tutorial somwhere that shows how to use that thing?
  12. everything looks fine to me... if there is an issue, perhaps the 706 is the weak link. But i am sure it sounds good as is.
  13. god speed my man... an american original
  14. I agree... the hotness was very sexy, but the women were fugly.
  15. um... yeah. it will sound pretty good. .02... not .05!
  16. layers and layers and layers of sound placed one on top of each other, and in some instances, with a controlled transparency.
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