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  1. What's in there now that is too low in sensitivity? What crossovers did you get? What are the settings/crossover points on the crossovers you got?
  2. It's 6 months ago, but who knows. Welcome to the Forum.
  3. I sort of just followed your earlier suggestions. Looks like all that needs to happen is an update on location and photos of the other two speakers.
  4. @Laurie i merged the information from the five posts into one and I edited the Subject line to get you more traction. Feel free to edit subject line how you wish. Sorry you had trouble with the posts, a lot of people have had problems with duplicate posts last couple of days due to the Forum being slower than usual.
  5. B&C isn't one of them, I have been to their plant in Florence. They make everything to order, they don't create hugh inventorys.
  6. That's not correct. K-691 made in Italia along with most of B&C.
  7. well you found it. So what phase plug, if any do they have in their? I think Roy developed a special phase plug for that driver.
  8. Welcome to the Forum. You can up load the photo to your post if you wish rather than linking it to an outside source.
  9. Welcome to the Forum! Where in Italy are you located? Travis
  10. That version was from a letter Sir Issac Newton wrote to Robert Hooke. I think he for sure brought into mainstream thought.
  11. Photos would help on that. Welcome to the Forum.
  12. Got you the link, thank you for your PM, perhaps when we get our feet wet on a couple of publications we will print this up in some manner. Travis
  13. If nonflammable dawn, etc. will work, great, best first choice. If not, acetone is the best for cleaning any fiberglass coated speakers. It's approved for indoor use if WELL VENTILATED. Do you have a gas water heater? Where is it located? If a pilot light isn't a concern, and you can open up doors windows with a fan you can do it safely. These guys forget that back in the day their, Moms, girlfriends, sisters would clean their fingernails while smoking a cigarette all the time and never had a problem. Fingernail polish remover is acetone. I would get what you can with Dawn and large painter sponges. Anything stubborn hit with acetone. I would use the acetone on a small area not easily seen. If it removes the paint STOP. Plan B.
  14. It's probably too early to say yet due to Covid.
  15. I have no direct knowledge. I'm only going by their last four "new" Heritage announcements and how the Museum Editions interacted with those launches. It's an educated guess, mixed with assumptions, conjecture and speculation. That being said, if I were @MMurg I would be optimistic. By the way, as many know "Summer" in Texas and Arkansas goes through at least October, so there's that. There is one, and only one, person on this planet who knows when they will roll down the line. I haven't discussed that particular aspect with him. I avoid that subject like the plague/Covid. In connection with the speakers that KGI has donated as Museum Editions we have been blessed with, I found it much easier to ignore the actual production date and focus on working with the ME Team to have everything ready to go when our turn comes. (Wood, fabric, ads, copy, and a dozen other things in place). I work with a team that has over 100 years of combined experience in designing, engineering, project management, marketing, etc. Klipsch speakers). They will come, and then you will have to go out and buy quieter amps, better recordings of your favorite artists, etc.@PrestonTom will attest to all of that. The fun is just beginning. Travis PS: You are a sustaining member of the Museum, if you want to get in on the fun and have 5 to 10 hours a month, I could sure use you IT/computer help.
  16. Yeah I could see that, he's been burned too many times. I think I can share this (I guess I will soon find out)). I tend to error on the side of caution and just assume it's hush, hush unless he specifically says otherwise. A couple of years ago I mentioned to him that there was a period in audio where engineers were sharing progress, ideas, and concepts like they do in academia. PWK not only read a great deal, he published a great deal. I asked Roy if today, in the current trade secret environment, would he and Paul have published their paper on the Jubilee bass bin in the AES Journal. His response: "Probably not."
  17. @Chris A has a couple of threads on this, the journey he took after setting up his Jubilee system and seeing the eq in recordings. I won't say it correctly with this paraphrase, but my interpretation is that, for him, he has to eq individual recordings to sound right in his system because of the way they were recorded/mastered. Some more than others. This was after he worked out the acoustic treatments and adjustments using microphone and software to take curves to "fix" his room. When he got his room where he wanted it he found there were still major, major differences in sound quality and his journey began at looking at the general eq patterns of recordings (and also a seperate subject of lack of dynamic range from the loudness wars). If you listed like maybe your 4 or 5 go to reference tracks, he may have data on one or more of them and can tell you if he found humps, dips, valleys, that are correlated to adjustments you are making at the speaker. You may have already accounted for this in your journey, if not, it's something to look at. Travis
  18. That's right about the wavelength they were on at the time. I'm still trying to wrap my head around discussing "concepts" but not "specific ideas." I wish you would have asked him what's on the "shelf." In a recent Klipsch Listening Lounge he appeared on, Roy mentioned that to upgrade a particular model he went to "the shelf" for a [not sure if it was a horn, driver], something that had sat there for 25+ years (not sure how much PWK was in the item on the shelf). He mentions "the shelf" every so often. At the inaugural Bonehead Class two years ago Roy mentioned that PWK had given him all of his notebooks. He went to the notebooks, dug deep, to develop the "balancing network" for the AK6. I wish I had got to hear that part when you were in there so you could explain it. Travis
  19. Done, thank you. I changed the title, feel free to change the title any way you wish.
  20. Welcome to the forum! Great writeup. We would love photos of your set up if you would like to do that.
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