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  1. The Museum and Klipsch should have an announcement at the end of the week, save March 9, 10, 11 and 12.
  2. I agree with Mr. Clark, however he misses the mark here. It's a pivot. Let assume best sounding amp, dollar for dollar. Does he suggest that potential buyers completely ignore the advertised specifications and just trust their ears? Does he personally market it as a 75W (and more) amp? Does he also extol the excellent distortion ratings that are stated in the specifications. Every other amp maker who sells in the US rates their amps with sine waves and load resistors what is it about these amps that make it difficult/impossible to be tested in the same way? Lack of grounding? I don't have very efficient speakers, and past experience has shown that I really need a 75W tube amp for them to sing. Do you recommend this amp if that's the case? And lastly, it looks like the Bob Carver Corporation was dissolved in Washington administratively (they didn't pay their annual fee or file their annual report), and it does not appear that it was subsequently incorporated in Illinois, or California. It they are not around in 2 or 3 years to honor their 5 year guarantee will you honor it Mr. Clark? Or, are you telling me to forget all of that, go with the sound, don't worry about the specs. Trust my ears. There was a guy who had a very similar marketing strategy, expect he put out no specs on his speakers, none. Anwar Bose.
  3. Ah, a well thought out and reasoned approach, minimizing the variables and trusting your own ears. I'm just thankful you were not subjected to another 3 or 4 pages of "you need to let them break in for 500 hours, run them 24/7 for 5 months and then come back with your impressions" (I have actually someone post that in a forum); or "when you are breaking in the caps, use the special capacitor break-in cd put out on the Audiophile's Will Buy Anything label (have seen something akin to that in an audio magazine).
  4. Here is what the FTC requires, so I'm wondering if the specs from BCC are in compliance with that (the emphasis, bold and underlining is mine). § 432.3 Standard test conditions. For purposes of performing the tests necessary to make the disclosures required under § 432.2 of this part: (a) The power line voltage shall be 120 volts AC (230 volts when the equipment is made for foreign sale or use, unless a different nameplate rating is permanently affixed to the product by the manufacturer in which event the latter figure would control), RMS, using a sinusoidal wave containing less than 2 percent total harmonic content. In the case of equipment designed for battery operation only, tests shall be made with the battery power supply for which the particular equipment is designed and such test voltage must be disclosed under the required disclosures of § 432.2 of this part. If capable of both AC and DC battery operation, testing shall be with AC line operation; (b) The AC power line frequency for domestic equipment shall be 60 Hz and 50 Hz for equipment made for foreign sale or use; (c) The amplifier shall be preconditioned by simultaneously operating all channels at one-eighth of rated power output for one hour using a sinusoidal wave at a frequency of 1,000 Hz; provided, however, that for amplifiers utilized as a component in a self-powered subwoofer system, the sinusoidal wave used as a preconditioning signal may be any frequency within the amplifier's intended operating bandwidth that will allow the amplifier to be driven to one-eighth of rated power for one hour; (d) The preconditioning and testing shall be in still air and an ambient temperature of at least 77 °F (25 °C); (e) Rated power shall be obtainable at all frequencies within the rated power band without exceeding the rated maximum percentage of total harmonic distortion after input signals at said frequencies have been continuously applied at full rated power for not less than five (5) minutes at the amplifier's auxiliary input, or if not provided, at the phono input. (f) At all times during warm-up and testing, tone loudness-contour and other controls shall be preset for the flattest response. [39 FR 15387, May 3, 1974, as amended at 65 FR 81240, Dec. 22, 2000] § 432.4 Optional disclosures. Other operating characteristics and technical specifications not required in § 432.2 of this part may be disclosed: Provided: (a) That any other power output is rated by the manufacturer, is expressed in minimum watts per channel, and such power output representation(s) complies with the provisions of § 432.2 of this part; except that if a peak or other instantaneous power rating, such as music power or peak power, is represented under this section, the maximum percentage of total harmonic distortion (see § 432.2(d) of this part) may be disclosed only at such rated output: And provided further, (b) That all disclosures or representations made under this section are less conspicuously, and prominently made than the disclosures required in § 432.2 of this part; and (c) The rating and testing methods or standards used in determining such representations are disclosed, and well known and generally recognized by the industry at the time the representations or disclosures are made, are neither intended nor likely to deceive or confuse the consumers and are not otherwise likely to frustrate the purpose of this part.
  5. It would not be for me either, but with tops removed, it's a pretty easy 2 man job.
  6. Hey there @nola I moved it here where I think it will get more traction. I'm not much help, but first the tops come off, that a for sure. Those metal buttons on the bottom are wood floor killers. While people are at it, maybe they can also suggest some ideas on how to pull those out and what they use for wood floors (but they may say, didn't worry about it because you want a rug in front of them anyway, so I put them on rug, I don't know.
  7. I'm really, really hoping that was a simple misunderstanding that got a little blown up from your side, not understanding that people were really trying to help you, primarily so you could edit your first post on price, before I ran into it. I certainly hope it's not a pattern you fall into when someone tells you something you disagree with. I'm optimistic that's it's not, like I said before, I'm going to chalk it up to a recent return, and possibly some cell phone screen limitations, etc.
  8. You need to do a little better job of ready people's posts and responding to them. You give out a lot of great information, but I have been noticing some answers that do not match up with people's questions. It wastes people's time, causes confusion, and could result in someone getting incorrect information. Please try to take the time to figure out what is being asked. We all misunderstand questions from time to time, it just seems like it is more so recently. He was just asking out to move a Khorn, not how to sell them.
  9. It's ok, not sure if your question got answered or not. If it didn't let me know and I will move your question to the General Question section where you will get a lot more information.
  10. You are a good egg. That's for trying. And you even provided a link to this very thread upon which we find ourselves now. This was a very admirable attempt at self moderation, by at least 3 people, and we appreciate it greatly. Sometimes, for a multitude of reasons, it just doesn't work. But Rick has his thread/ad back, and I'm even giving him the option to be the first test case of having a locked, pinned and featured GS thread if he wishes. The Real Duke Spinner won't be posting again in that thread, and hopefully everyone has had the chance to learn something from this.
  11. While that may be true, it's still a violation, and a major thread crap in Garage Sale which isn't permitted.
  12. @RandyH why on earth are you giving "Thank you" reactions and "Likes" to comments like this. That's just baffling. I mean it's not a violation of anything, and you don't need to answer, but just one more thing that makes me wonder.
  13. So here is where you really blew it. This was in a member's ad, you $1,600 Khorns, and your maple Decorators. None of that would every belong in a response to a garage sale ad, and what you paid for your speakers for sure has no place in a garage sale ad. He was trying to help you, you turned it into something it wasn't. You are getting a big pass because you are recently back in here, but when two people are trying to help you, one who goes to the time to help you privately, and you respond with that, well, suffice to say if that happened going forward it wouldn't be pretty. Given that you didn't know the rules on Garage Sale Section it's not going to be a major penalty, just stay out of RickFLA Khorn Thread, don't post or react in there again. In other words stay out of his thread now that I have it all cleaned up. Please don't comment in Garage Sale going forward and leave any sort of personal stuff out of Forum. Again, this isn't a big deal, you probably didn't know, now you do. Thanks for your assistance.
  14. I suspect @the real Duke Spinner knowing Woofers and Tweeters the way I do, that he was also trying to help you, especially based upon your response, put in a private manner. I'm guessing he was letting you know that the moderators had a rash of problems in garage sale section about comments on price and were looking at it closely because of the number of complaints.. He may have also mentioned that we permanently banned someone recently and deleted everyone of his posts because he just couldn't get it.
  15. So @the real Duke Spinner what's happening here is that Westcoast is trying to let you know about the strict, no tolerance commenting on price in garage sale section (as opposed to the alerts section)
  16. So over the last six months or so it has been clarified, repeatedly, that this sort of comment, is a Forum violation and inappropriate. Comments about things being overpriced, that's way to high, oh it's got a scratch, etc., etc. are all off limits. This whole thread, now 9 pages, started when a member commented about pricing in a direct and inappropriate way. I moved those posts into this thread so everyone could learn from it and get more input from the community.
  17. You know, I'm starting to have some issues with a post like that under these specific circumstances, but I will save that for an office conversation some other time.
  18. So I moved these from the Central Fla Khorn thread over here so the OP could have his thread back. I'm guessing not a serious offer, but how knows, so hard to complain about this, but there was so much junk afterwards (unrelated to this post) I thought I would just get it out of there. I have had the multiple posts happen to me several times, it just gets hung, I'm assuming that why there were multiple posts on the same thing. Unfortunately, things came off the rails after that.
  19. I'm glad it didn't come out way below the way some people were speculating 17 vs. 75. I didn't realize at first it was a kit amp they were testing, I thought a member of ASR also tested a production amp. From Langston's testing of a Hypex vs. ASR's tests, I still dont know if they are testing distortion the way it is supposed to be with that Analyzer, so I wouldn't worry about that. The power ratings I saw were it was pulling 60W (easily) and could do 75W peaks. Does it blow fuses for you at all? If it still sounds good and you like it, I'm glad it worked out.
  20. It's not really the point. It started out with who is responsible for specs. And then it was, this guy tested one and it less than a 1/4 of spec, and has 15W Edcors in it. Now, it is look more like 60W, and 75 watt peaks before blowing a fuse. It would matter if you bought the amp new and were running typical lower efficiency speakers on it expecting you were getting what you were used to from your Mac 275, which does put out a real 75 watts at .1 percent THD. So I'm gathering it's a much closer question now. But, there are going to be some that see the 60W vs 75W (if I'm even saying that right, or the testing that ASR is correct) and will say "it's close enough for me", and some, "yeah it sounds good, but I could have got a good sounding amp for same, or less that is a real deal 75W, or a 60W amp for less." I don't know. But it doesn't look like I bought and paid for a 75w amp and got a 15W amp anymore.
  21. I had PL amps, I could never get them anywhere near the top. I was curious, so I looked it up, Sunfire in 2011 was doing about 15 million a year, Bob and his wife owned 100 percent of the company, they sold it a conglomerate I'm guessing for a pretty could chunk of change. My guess is that he is in a retirement/hobby mode now, the right people approached him about selling his designs, but he had none of the headaches. The Frank guy who bought the rights, worked at either Carver or Sunfire with Bob so there was that, and Frank got the guy in California to build them. Personally, I would take the 700W Coffee can amp.
  22. You are not getting what I'm saying. I don't dispute that it sounds good, or better than any other amp somebody has heard before. But the Bob Carver Corporation (which is defunct in Washington State) isn't Bob Carver, it's a guy from the sales side of audio, and they guy who builds stuff in California, using a Bob Carver design, and they have put out specs that it is a 75+ watt amp. My serious question is, according to ASR, how did it measure up? It looks like it hit the specs I see, but I don't know enough about this testing stuff to say, well it looks like the guys who said this was a 15W amp are all wet. Like you said, and I also said, for that money, you can't find a better sounding amp for less, and it drives my speakers perfectly, then they are golden. But if for that price you could have gotten as good, and at spec, and you are blowing fuses constantly, here's your chance. But going back and looking at the numbers, from those specs that ASR did, it looks like it got close (60W) in one type of test, and above 74W in short bursts. So it looks like they got the power spec so there is no room to complain there. Is that correct? People can yak all they want about the distortion, like you say, who cares what the distortion rating was if it sounds good in your system. So my next question would be, if it's hitting 60W at the rated 70 ohm spec, and can peak above 70, does that mean it does not have the 15w Edcor transformers in it like originally suspected? They are continuing to say in ASR that it's fraud, etc., but I'm not sure anymore, because I don't know enough what these numbers mean as compared to what the FTC requires on power specs.
  23. From the Bob Carver Forum: QUESTION: Bob, A guy is claiming a 275 makes 17 watts with strange distortion numbers any thoughts? ANSWER: Thats ridiculous, a 75 watt amp.. Isn’t it obvious? It is being test wrong or its damaged.. My amps can be difficult to test, difficult to get the grounding correct. I’ve been dealing with people testing my designs wrong and getting grounding errors effecting measurements, most of my life. QUESTION: Bob is it fair to say that you design amplifiers for reproducing music into dynamic loudspeaker loads, more so than focusing on reproducing sine waves into load resistors? ANSWER: There is some truth to that. My amps can perform way above there power rating for a time, a time being several seconds. That first answer (the bold is mine) just doesn't make sense. If that's the case, footnote your specification sheet and provide the matter in which you tested it so that it can be replicated, like every other honest company does. I can't remember what they got out to the ASR review/testing. But it was more than 17 I believe????? The fuse failed when he tried to max it out, I think twice. He was all worried there were only 3 fuses in the box. I was a little surprised that a testing guru didn't have a supply of 3A fuses on hand. I guess there is one other possibility in all of this. The guy Frank Malitz bought the naming rights for Bob Carver, Bob supposedly designed the amp (which he acknowledges in the Q and A (example above), and they are being made in California by the guy who does Wyred 4 Sound, maybe they cheapened it without Bob's knowledge? An 3 prong AEC plug socket that isn't even grounded on the inside? That was the most mind blowing to me. That's a major, major problem that could get whoever owns this company is to real hot water. As others have said, it appears that Bob had a chance to be paid something, maybe X per amp sold, no capital at risk, company owned by somebody else, looking to cash in on a name. I'm glad it sounded good to West Coast, and hope the same for FJD, it's going to put out the power with high sensitivity speakers, but I feel bad for those who may have gotten it with lower efficiency and didn't realize until too late.
  24. Well Bob doesn't even own his name any more. So technically he isn't lying about this particular amp. He had a very rough patch in the early 2000s, he filed two patent infringement lawsuits on speakers/subs, and he lost both of them, one to Velodyne, and the other a Canadian Company that was bought by Klipsch several years later. Sunfire was doing well. Then he started, Bob Carver, LLC, and he was kicked out of that two years later, that went into Chapter 11 and they asked him back to save it, I don't think he did. What happened to Sunfire? Did Phase Linear test accurately? Or was he the whole reason for the FTC amplifier rule in 1974 to begin with LOL.?
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