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  1. Jim, I really like everything about the Nordost except the over emphasis of the highs. The Kimber PBJ seemed to have a loose connection inside one of the brass fittings so I couldn't hear them. (darn) I really didn't want to open it up and take a look, maybe someone else? I really appreciate the opportunity to hear the difference between the Nordost and my Blue Jeans cables. I never thought I would hear a difference but just like my 3 amps.....they have a sound all their own. Where do I send them? Let me know. Thanks Dude!..........Pat (Speedball)
  2. I love the looks of those Egglestons, a real man type looking speaker...I would also guess they could pound out the bass with those huge drivers.
  3. I consider myself upper class because I own a Peach.[]
  4. I know a person who is an employee of one of the biggest shopping mall management companies in the world, he has the "paper work" from that place which landed him his job.
  5. I'm pretty content with my Denon but that Oppo looks really good with a decent price to boot. Also have read lot's of good things about the Oppo for what that's worth.
  6. I totally agree with the pleasant sound from the upgrades. I've never heard the 7's with tube amplification, that's why I find your comments so interesting.
  7. Feed the beasts.....[] Unless of course your musical tastes are on the more delicate side, which I doubt you are by your post.
  8. Well I just fell for this one hook, line and sinker.[]
  9. Nice! now where are the pictures? 25. 24, 23, 22, ..........[]
  10. Second page 6th picture down are some beautiful Gryphon Monoblocks. [] Just what I need to handle these RF-7's.
  11. I wonder what a set of tires cost for that storage unit?
  12. Great step by step documentation and photographs. Nice speakers too!
  13. Very neat. The whole idea of Marlboro anything reminds me of smokes....[:#]
  14. Visit audiogon.com to see what brands are available on the market, then go hunting. I started with a Denon receiver as a Preamp that worked just fine for a few years then I graduated to a tube Preamp and wow has it been fun.
  15. Hey JB, Is it your Lumbar region??? That's "Bottom Notch" Roger OH man, this is funny. Of course I have back problems......
  16. I got the fly in 15 seconds....lucky hit. Man, that's gross.
  17. Sort of makes the RF-7's look little.....[]
  18. That's my thoughts as well. I expect each contact to be part of the application/interview process. You would be amazed at the 'resumes' I get for each opening at work, makes for a lot of laughs. I suggested to my better half to walk each person out to their car and take a glance on how they maintain the cleanliness of the interior, she didn't get the point.I have never regretted moving from management to technical, I have enough problems without having to babysit or be a marriage counselor. Went from managing 300 directs to "lead" of 8 and never looked back. That is a great idea, walking them out to their car just to see if they are driving a vehicle full of garbage. Man, you are thinking!
  19. Denon is a good brand and dependable to boot. The more power the better........[] Welcome to the Forum.
  20. That Maybach is one heck of a car.....even has a built in the door umbrellas, very slick. Wife and I sat in one on a southside dealership a few years ago.
  21. Yup Oldenough, I know about that one. It reminds me of a very, very low budget James Bond movie.
  22. Interesting read...........Welcome to the Klipsch Forum. Ratatouille is a fun movie. []
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    Now FREE is a word you don't hear very often. Bump for the FREE stuff........!
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