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  1. I tend to agree with this statement for my purposes also. Car audio has a high noise floor to overcome, leading to some weird compromises. I guess I could see wanting something really nice if I had a super quiet luxury car. The problem with that (and headphones) is that it is inherently more dangerous not to be able to hear at least some outside noise IMO.
  2. Either one is good. If you have to make a long run or sharp bends, then go with coax. Sometimes the choice is dictated by the particular set up you want and how the receiver is set up to handle it. On my bro-in-laws receiver, you have to go with coax to get the dvd video out to function with the dvd sound.
  3. If you can run the B set independently of the A set then you have parallel. If the A set must be on for the B set to work, then the out put is in series. I once bought a receiver that was in series and it made me so mad I took it back. Others will know better than I about the specs issue.
  4. Yes, civil, Clarence. Next work on patience.(insert grinning emoticon for those who might miss a good natured dig)
  5. Re: coytee and the chocolate chip product: I am firmly in the camp of Jimmy Kimmel when it comes to Oprah. She should be opposed at every possible moment. Everyone here should pray to their preferred deity that she never gets on TV and talks about what a great sound and a great deal for the money used Klipsch Heritage are. When she announced her retirement years ago, I thought the world was safe once more, but alas, the devil's work is never finished. Regarding luxury products in general, Jaguar comes to mind. Back in the day everyone knew you were rich in a Jag because you owned two--one to drive while the other was in the shop.
  6. Definitely Stanley Clarke. Definitely Chris Squire. I also like the percussive thump from the B-52's....like in Planet Claire.
  7. Good point jopez. Right now I have jazz on, later it will be NHL hockey on my one and only all purpose system. By the way, how's 'ole Mothra doing down there? (Do the twins still give her wake up calls?)
  8. Nevermind, I think I have it figured out. The star bar at the top of the thread can be manipulated by clicking on the one through five stars. So some of these ratings could just be accidental clicks.....
  9. Hope it sounds good. I liked my sony ht receiver from before the DD and DTS days, it had pro logic one.....The problem I have seen with sonys is that they don't last too long, from my old school of stuff should last close to forever attitude. Maybe the digital amps will be better. I hate my b-in-laws sony receiver str-896 or something, but like i said hopefully the digital stuff is a real improvement.
  10. Welcome Sixcats. Does anyone else here wonder why the new members do not list their geographic location? Is there not a place for that anymore when signing up for the forum?
  11. I taped it just in case the re-run is pulled like the Tom Cruise in the closet episode.
  12. Try your tube set up with forte's or forte II's and you will know candy....
  13. PDQ Bach is nothing to be ashamed about....
  14. Diuretics. It saved my life. (Repo Man)
  15. Listen to the talking turd, he knows what he is talking about.
  16. Love that pic. Nothing like an all girl band for photography. It's Queen isn't it?
  17. it was easy, so i question that only smart people can read it. the other interesting thing about it is that it was not nearly as annoying as a normal post might be with one to several spelling errors.....
  18. I can't make you feel like a fool, only you can. This one is myself and my son a year ago:
  19. "If its easy to correct basic mistakes and, thereby, learn from them, it then becomes a question of laziness, stubbornness and/or a lack of attention to detail." That my friend is why they can't spell in the first place. Their teachers and also the curriculum were too lazy to teach spelling properly. Spell check programs are simply a crutch for those that never learned in the first place.
  20. refoaming is not that hard. I know because even I have done it. Get the right part and go for it.
  21. OK. From the sublime to the ridiculous. You sure know how to hurt a girl Fewer hugs and no more kisses Just water for your carburetor And bearings for your pistons Rev her engine for your pleasure Caress and fondle her steering wheel When you moan and hug her gearshift Stop! Think how it makes me feel
  22. I was thinking that or Boxcar Willy lp's. I've been trying to avoid the name that tune addiction. Oh the angst of having to come up with lyrics. I admit to intentionally not jumping in on New Frontier by Steely Dan.....Edit: Oops, that is still the current challenge, I guess my hand is forced...
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