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  1. If it is new production it doesn't cut it. I'd save my penies for a vintage good GZ34... If you get a nos gz34 you won't need another for the lifetime of that amp.
  2. Vintage GZ34 don't risk one of the newer ones. For all the tube knowledge we have we can't make them like they did.
  3. I believe @JRH once said there were around 20 made?? Perhaps he will chime in. Great condition. Worlds first sound bar lol...
  4. I'm just being difficult and a pain in the arse. If others can find joy in tripath so be it.
  5. I am correct and correct friends don't let friends tripath.
  6. Great site I use it as reference often..
  7. No Claude no... The only thing Tripath is good for is the trash... I tried to like em but just can't. I can listen to them shortterm but never longterm...
  8. You need to go back and read these threads and watch the video..... This Jubilee is the culmination of what PWK and Roy thought was possible. PWK is in the Jubilee but it would never have happened without Roy carrying these PWK principles of design forward. I wish PWK could see and hear Roy's latest designs...
  9. Another damm COVID victim... His articles were really interesting. He also worked in the aerospace industry related to the space shuttle.
  10. What do you think of this guy?? I only ask because I have a huge stash of kt90 tubes and the like.
  11. I don't know who that is but I'd look for something designed by Roy Delgado the engineer of the jubilee.
  12. Not at all I don't want a system that makes all source material sound the same. I don't. To thyne source material be true. I listen to everything but enjoy a quality cut when it comes on.
  13. Personally I would never put a receiver anywhere near a nice SET amp. I think it defeats the purpose. I'd save my pennies for a nice simple tube preamp. If you don't have any other means to listen go for it but I'd make it temp. I've committed far worse sins. I rotate stuff around but I usually listen to Jubs - 45 SET AMP - George Wright Preamp - EAD DAC - EAD CDP - MUSIC SERVER or for vinyl GW Phono pre.
  14. HAH Good call!!!!! If I sold my testicles I may be able to buy a pair 8-) $20K each 8-) Damn medical research!!!!
  15. Dude drop the pipe yo!! Roy says it is a Jubilee a Jubilee it is. The technology in this speaker is the culmination of everything PWK wanted based on conversations between he and Roy. This bass horn is state of the art horn design. There is nothing out there that can compete with it. The HF has also been elevated several steps above what was available. This ported design used in the 1802 to the Jubilee is the largest leap in bass horn technology in decades. I'll quit ranting but this is the biggest thing to happen to Klipsch since the Klipschorn.
  16. Speaking of HiGH VoLTAGE any idea what this thang is and I ain't turning it on?
  17. One of my favorite modern manufacturers.... If I had to buy new off the shelf this would be on the list. Great score....
  18. Not sure if I'll ever get to it but it is in the back of my mind. I have so many tubes and so many parts for building tube amps not sure it makes sense to do SS yet.
  19. Fortunately I have a retired tech friend who is a design genius.. Next on the list is a phono pre and a pre amp. In SS world I'm more interested in the 47 Labs SS amp that looks like a joke but sounds amazing.
  20. Great job!!!! It is addictive. You might as well do a bottlehead kit 8-)
  21. True... I might do a SS DIY some day but tubes are just more fun and the asthetic is cool as hell. Terrible reasons but gotta be honest I love the glow of tubes.
  22. Read on tube amp safety. The Bottlehead Kits are great with very good documentation and very good forums for support. https://bottlehead.com/product-category/kits/
  23. I would stick with BAT and look for a used vk60 or something like that. BAT pairs well with BAT and Victor is also a cool dude...
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