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  1. A friendly suggestion, before you go and modify the cabinets you might want to try positioning them at different locations in the room. The bass will be augmented if they are not on stands, if they are near a wall, or even better if they are near a corner of the room. Give it try since it is free to do. Good luck, -Tom
  2. Congratulations on the the K-402s. Didn't the vendor provide any DSP settings? As far as "serious EQ", well they do need some EQing since they are controlled dispersion horns (it is a byproduct of their design). Before you take anyone's advice please make sure they know which driver you are using (eg, K-69A or 691 or a 3rd party one). They also need to know what your intended crossover point is (the bass bin is not a Jubilee so you could run into some problems). They will also need to know the amplitude response (and distortion) of the bass bin. Be prepared for the possible need to change the crossover point (and how to determine that new point). To do this properly and get the most out of the K-402, you may ultimately need to do some measurements (using a mic and some software like REW or Holm Impulse etc). Please don't try and do this "by ear". That is saved for the last step when you are fine-tuning things. Good luck, -Tom PS: it is worth the effort to do this correctly !
  3. My experience is similar to Gary's There is no reason we should accept the risk. I am only doing it due to some Garage Sale threads. This sounds like a solvable problem and I hope it will be solved. -Tom
  4. Same here Various Apple machines running Chrome with Comcast as the internet service provider provider.
  5. Personally, I am very sorry to see that the two-way Klipsch Jubilee has been discontinued. Over the last 15 years or so the basic model has only had a slight increase in price (mid $7k to more recently mid $8k). Fellow users have always been friendly and helpful on how to set them up. Certainly Roy Delgado's contributions and this thread that Chris maintained, have been examples of that sort of camaraderie (and there are many other examples). A nice community of folks enjoying a common passion. Really, the Jubilees have always been an incredible value (performance divided by price). I'm sorry to see it go. -Tom
  6. A popular program is REW it is free-ware / share-ware. It has a ton of features. So many in fact that some find it takes awhile to learn. There are many tutorials including some nice ones by Chris, who is active on this forum. An alternative is HolmImpulse, but that has fewer features and is no longer supported. Concentrate on getting comfortable with a simple frequency response plots (filtering/averaging options). You will need a microphone. One that interfaces nicely with REW is the UMIK-1, it plugs into a USB port and is a very good deal at the price point (a bit over $125). Both these can be used on Windows or Mac. For some measurements, it is good to use and outboard DAC (not the computer's sound card). Your biggest hurdles will be placement and interpretation. Measurement is really the right path to get the most out of your system Good luck, -Tom
  7. PrestonTom


    It should probably be mentioned that this is the XD series and not the XP series (which is more common to folks on this forum). They are more expensive, but have a greater selection of filters and also accept digital inputs (this is a big deal for some of us). GLWS and I did not mean to interrupt your ad.
  8. Listen to Mike's advice. If the issue of getting "all the watts possible" is keeping you up at night, then rest easy since you will probably only ever use about 5 or 10 watts.
  9. Hello Steve, I PM'ed and gave you a direct e-mail address. Thanks for your interest, -Tom
  10. That geometry is not too far from what I have had. They sounded fine (my listening angle was anywhere from 40-65 degrees). As for the distance .... several years ago my ex and I along with 3 small children, and my mother-in-law drove from Connecticut to Florida in a SUV. Believe me, that was a long trip. Just leave the kids and mother-in-law at home, then the trip will be a breeze -Tom
  11. Yes, that is an earlier configuration. Let me be very clear: that is not what is being advertised and sold. The base pictured is different. The new base is smaller and less obtrusive. The current version also has, of course, the grille and detachable side panels and the tweeter is its own cabinet that is lightly bolted in between the two bass bins. I hope no one gets confused about what is being sold. Please look at the photos posted at the start of the thread and the several reasons and advantages of having the tweeter in between the two bass bins (Woofer-Tweeter-Woofer configuration). It really is better. I hope no one gets confused about what they might be purchasing. Back on topic, -Tom
  12. There is a picture somewhere, but in that configuration (tweeter - woofer - woofer), there was no tweeter cabinet or grille or side panels. So I did not post it since some may get confused about what is being advertised and sold. It looks like what you would imagine.
  13. Let me be tactful (if that is possible for me). This is a Garage Sale thread. Perhaps we can clean up the off-topic stuff. I am interested in a good home for the Jubilees. I truly believe these are a great value. They need a good home -Tom
  14. Guys, I know the intentions are good, but I think this thread is straying off course and I am getting concerned. Let's keep it focused on the topic at hand. As of Saturday morning (10/9) I have no PMs with updated offers. If you are interested, please include the following in your offer: 1) Audition - when and how, 2) Purchase - when and how, 3) Pickup - when and how will you get them from my house to their new (and loving) home. Of course, this is a first come, first served sale. For any additional photos, measures, or questions. I will post the answers (if appropriate) in this thread. Good luck, -Tom
  15. The "passive pre-amp" is nothing special. Just 6 channels of a 10 or 12K potentiometer (probably an Alps from long ago). housed in a metal box I had salvaged. Very much a homemade affair, but it is tossed in for free if you buy the Behringer DCX along with the Jubilees.
  16. Someone was kind enough to post the dimensions of the "three modules". If you are trying to get an idea of how far do they stick out into the room. If they are snug into the corner, the face of the grille is about 33 inches from the room's corner. If they are snug to a single wall, then the face of the grille is about 28 inches from the wall. Roughly, think of a Klipschorn (approximately). If it is helpful, the two photos I showed are in rooms of either 11 ft width or 12 ft width. Since the K-402 is good at controlling the dispersion, it is actually the case that a big horn can do better in a small room since the off-axis dispersion is better controlled (helping attenuate the first reflections from the adjacent walls) The effect is actually fairly pronounced. Although not done simultaneously, I have listened and enjoyed both Klipschorns and Jubilees set up up in the living room (the room withe the red drapes). Subjectively (and consistent with what one would glean from Roy's measures of the K-402), any early reflections from the Jubilee did not sound problematic. I became a believer. C'mon and drink the Kool Aid ....
  17. Just in case anyone is confused by the chit chat, the Jubilees are still available and waiting for a good home. This was in spite of a serious desire and gallant effort by Westcoastdrums to make the deal happen.
  18. I am a bit of a cynic, but I have heard so many stories about sound systems for sale that were used by the Grateful Dead. Perhaps some of them are true ......
  19. Those are "asking prices". Do you really think folks are actually buying Klipschorns for 3-4K (there will be some exceptions ...)?
  20. There have been many voices in this thread. However, I think you and I are pretty much in agreement.
  21. Some of you have suggested that "the moderators should do this and the moderators should do that ....". Perhaps we should not be so free in delegating their time. They are not Klipsch employees (and even if they were ....). Rather, they are volunteers and have day jobs. I suspect they also have better things to do on a Saturday afternoon. A little bit of common sense on our part could go a long way. As a side note, why do some of us always seem to be at each other's throats all the time?
  22. ............. I am curious about whether the quality control is as stringent for drivers available from Parts Express as compared to the "same" drivers sold to manufacturers llke Klipsch.
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