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  1. I don't know about today but I did this last night.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Please post your speakers in the Garage Sale section along with pictures and an asking price.
  3. wuzzzer

    LCR help

    Man I just can't think of any situation where I'd be happy with any in-wall after I've had your current LCR.
  4. I know a lot of people have gone with the Ciare woofers for the KLF-30.
  5. Coaxial and optical can pass up to 7.1 channels. Between the two coaxial is better because it can support up to 24 bit/192kHz and optical usually only goes up to 96kHz.
  6. Hey stranger! Great to see you around! I'm in a similar boat, using a 2004 Sony STR-DA5000ES receiver without hdmi. I have a Sony UBP-X700 4k player connected via coaxial digital to my receiver and it's a fantastic combo. It doesn't have analog outputs, though.
  7. Man they'd be mine in a heartbeat if they were nearby.
  8. Post a pic of the serial number tag. The / should be a letter.
  9. Your TV probably doesn't output DTS through its optical output, very common.
  10. What ohm setting is the Yamaha set to? If it's set to 8 ohm change it to 4. I see the Yamaha has a subwoofer pre-amp output. Is there a setting in a menu that enables or disables this output?
  11. Just search the web for Klipsch serial number decoder. There's several sites that will give that info.
  12. Unless you're listening at 100% volume for hours on end those speakers won't present any kind of difficult load for your receiver. Like billybob said, check for any stray wires. If these are new speakers to you it's 99.9% probable that's your problem. Or, there could be a loose wire inside one of the speakers.
  13. Neither. Klipsch calls it Wide Dispersion.
  14. One of the woofers in my RS-7s has a crease like that. It's purely cosmetic. I'd go with the RS-3s if they were less expensive.
  15. Most any RS series would work great. RS-3 or RS-7 would be my recommendation if you can find them.
  16. You're on the right track as far as getting an external amp versus a larger receiver. Brands like Emotiva, Marantz, Monolith and Parasound are choices to consider.
  17. What part of the serial number indicates that? Just trying to learn. Sometimes the tags are hard to figure out.
  18. The manual has a page titled "How to disable auto standby." Interesting. Your question was answered in the product manual. Who'd a thunk? 😉
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