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  1. What connection are you using?
  2. If you’re hoping for a reply you’re going to be waiting a while. That member hasn’t been here since January 2019.
  3. Your sub has an active and a passive woofer. They’re two completely different woofers. Also, I don’t think your sub is quite old enough to be in the Klipsch museum which is the topic of the forum section you posted this in. 😉
  4. I don’t think they carry them at the Klipsch museum. 🙂
  5. I don’t see any pics so can’t comment on the condition or finish.
  6. Actually in that era 15 on the tag just meant it had a 15” woofer.
  7. No, they are the best balanced bike I’ve ever ridden. Steering is super quick, the suspension responds instantly to any bumps.
  8. Got my bike’s fork back from service. Unfortunately it’s been too rainy to ride but I can tell the travel and rebound is much smoother than before I sent it in. It sure is a weird looking bike but I love it and can’t wait to ride it again!
  9. Only if you turn it up loud enough to hear distortion.
  10. What info is on the serial number tag?
  11. It might have been replaced. My X Heresys have the soldered lug K-55V. It’s possible that it had that and was replaced due to the rarity and cost to replace the original one.
  12. Looks like an F in the serial number, just look in numerous stickied threads in the forum to find what that correlates to as far as manufacturing year. I also see what looks like C-WR-15.
  13. I would not suggest rear surrounds at all with how close they’ll be to you.
  14. Trust me, you’re not going to be using anywhere near 200 watts with speakers inches from your head.
  15. Heresys are no slouch. I started with a pair and now have five of them in my home theater. Paired with really nice subwoofers they’re hard to beat.
  16. If you’re going with Atmos a wide dispersion speaker isn’t recommended.
  17. Should be the first two digits of the serial number.
  18. Sheesh, somebody needs to calm down. I thought you were asking the OP about theirs.
  19. It’s normally better to start a new thread, but not a big deal. I’m not an expert in Khorn pricing but there are several here who will help you out.
  20. What vehicle? I know in my Jeep if the fob battery dies you just press the Start/Stop button with the fob to start it. In some vehicles with a Start/Stop button if you pop the button out you can insert the fob and turn it to start the car.
  21. It was $38 to ship to NY. Mendon pays for half the return shipping cost. I have no involvement or interest in politics.
  22. Oh, and also whenever I buy older Klipsch that have the network board like that, I always loosen and tighten every screw on it. This will help create a better contact path and remove years of oxidation.
  23. I don't know if they offer the actual service of rebuilding but I ordered the capacitors for my Heresys from them and having never used a soldering iron before was able to replace the old oil cans really easily after watching a youtube video on basic soldering.
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