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  1. I don't think I need a Y adapter, the sub out is stereo, both left and right. The SVS sub has a built in filter that is very adjustable. My thinking is that it would be best to use the pre-outs instead of the sub-out. The SVS has low level inputs and low level outputs and will filter out the bass material and the receiver will then amplify the rest. Otherwise if I use the sub pre-out, both the receiver and the sub will be amplifying the low bass information. If I use the regular pre-outs and pre-ins there won't be frequency overlap.
  2. Can anyone give me a suggestion as to how I should hook up the SVS sub? See this thread: http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/thread/810127.aspx Thanks!
  3. Going to give the SVS 16-46 PC-Plus a try. I emailed the seller and I'm going to his house on Sunday to check it out. He had it packed up ready to ship but he said he'd unpack it and set it up so I could listen to it first. The only powered subwoofer I've owned was a Definitive Technology 15" sub that was a one note boom-boom box. I think it had a 250 watt amplifier. It worked ok with my Definitive Tech satellite speakers, but was no match for either the RF-25s I had or my RF-7s. Alright, here's my question: My H/K receiver is a 2 channel that has a sub pre-out (left and right) that as far as I can rememer is crossed over at 150Hz. It also has pre-in and pre-outs. My first inclination would be to use the pre-outs to the sub and then back to the pre-ins. Doing this will filter the bass that is amplified by the SVS and leave the rest of the signal for the H/K to amplify. Would I see any benefit from hooking the sub up to the sub out on the receiver? There's no menu or settings on the receiver to specify if a sub is connected and no settings to set a speaker to 'small' or 'large' or anything like that. If I do this, the receiver will be amplifying the full signal. Am I correct in thinking that the pre-out and pre-in connection will be the best way to go?
  4. The RSW-12 sells for around $1000 brand new. It has a 2400 watt (peak) amp.
  5. Thanks to everyone (especially TheEAR) for your comments and suggestions! My room is 10' wide, 23' long, 7' tall. It is not a very large room. I am looking at a SVS 16-46 PC-Plus sub. http://www.svsound.com/products-sub-cyl-plpow1.cfm I can purchase this sub for $575 that is less than an hour away to drive. The seller has the original box for the sub. I figure, worse case scenario I can always resell the sub on eBay. I'm not looking for bone crushing bass, just something that I can cross over at 80hz or so and will dig deeper than my RF-7s.
  6. I know SVS has a great reputation for deep, flat bass. Are they legitimate contenders as far as SPL goes? I've been looking at them on their website and I think the 16-46 PC-Plus sounds like a great sub. Will this sub keep up with the output of my RF-7s? Thanks!!
  7. It might help to get a Y-splitter so that both the red and white inputs on the subwoofer are connected.
  8. Are you sure the DVD has the correct region code? I think North America is code (1)
  9. Great review! $15.91 with free shipping from www.deepdiscountdvd.com ! http://www.deepdiscountdvd.com/dvd.cfm?itemID=UNI004499
  10. Budget limited at this point. I think I may just wait it out and save up enough to be able to get a bigger sub, possibly the RSW series.
  11. 600 watts PER RF-7 and you're worrying about damaging the speakers? How about damgaing your ears or the foundation of your house?? [] If you look at the Klipsch site they are actually rated at 250 wattsRMS/1000 watts peak. If you've got a capable enough amp (which you certainly do) don't worry about blowing the RF-7s.
  12. Baseball cap, windbreaker type jacket, nice wall plaque. Thanks for looking to us for ideas, Amy! [<)]
  13. I've been looking at getting a sub for my two channel RF-7 setup. Since the Sub-12 has received rave reviews I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to pair one up with RF-7s? Does it match well with them? Does it keep up with the output of them?
  14. Speakers, RF-7s Paid $1000 (Retail $2200) Receiver, Harman/Kardon HK3480 Paid $175 (Retail $500) CD Player, Cambridge Audio D300se Paid $125 (Retail $350) DVD player, Harman/Kardon DVD-31 Paid $76.51 (Retail $349.99)
  15. I've been looking at getting a sub for my two channel RF-7 setup. Since the Sub-12 has received rave reviews I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to pair one up with RF-7s? Does it match well with them? Does it keep up with the output of them?
  16. That is correct, but it won't be considered GT5. GT5 will be released at a later time for the PS3.
  17. Somehow I find the sub 2 second 0-60 time hard to believe, especially since its closer to 1 1/2 seconds. On a related note, I remember reading in a car mag a while back that the fastest cars in the world (the top fuel dragsters, funny cars or whatever they're called) have 0-60 times of .6 seconds and 0-100 times of .9 seconds.
  18. Isn't the warranty on Klipsch for at least 1 year? Best Buy should probably be able to do a receipt lookup for you if you can't find your original one.
  19. When I bought my computer from Best Buy the salesperson spent no less than 20 minutes trying to get me to buy an extended warranty for the computer. I'm really surprised I didn't just walk out and buy elsewhere. Funny thing is, once he finally realized I wasn't going to buy the warranty, he then hauled out the printer that came bundled with the computer and explained why I needed to get the extended warranty on that...this time I didn't say a thing. I just stared at him with a look of disbelief. He got the message. I helped a lady I work with buy a DVD-R camcorder on eBay and this company required you to call them to confirm shipping, payment, etc. Well it turns out they use this as an ideal opportunity to try and push an extended warranty, battery charger, other stuff that they probably marked up 1000%. I had looked at this seller's feedback and several people on there mentioned the high pressure tactics they used to do this. I warned her about it. Didn't help...$300 later she had bought the extended warranty, battery charger and a service plan that gave her one free cleaning every year for 3 years. I couldn't believe it. Funny thing was that she had to break it to her brother that he needed to spend an additional $150 on the camera since they went in on it together.
  20. What it should say is "I'm selling them because when I told my wife I bought them and told her about the circumstances of how they were purchased she told me that I better put them for sale on craigslist or your precious B0se speakers are headed for the fireplace!"
  21. Anytime I ever bought anything audio related I can say without a doubt that I never came away learning anything about the product I was buying. When I went to Ultimate Electronics (Formerly Audio King) here once I had a salesperson talking to me about Sony ES. The store manager came in because he recoginzed me from buying from them before. He asked me how familiar I was with the ES units. I told him I knew a little. He asked if I knew what ES stood for. He asked me if I knew what discrete output meant. He asked me if I knew about the warranty that ES gear has. When I was able to answer those and other questions he said that I knew more about audio then most of his staff did. He then proceeded to offer me a job. [] Glad I didn't take it, because a year later they closed up shop. Oh, at Circuit City a few years back I actually overheard a male salesperson telling a female customer that the Brand X receiver she was looking at would play louder because the volume knob went up to 20 and the Brand Y receiver volume only went up to 10. NO LIE. I think its a good testimony showing how companies are severely lacking when it comes to educating their employees. Where I work I have received on the job training, correspondence course training and also workshop training. Let me tell you, if someone comes into my store and wants to know anything about a Rolex watch, they will leave with all the information they ever wanted and then some!
  22. Yes it can. Example, the synthesizer at the beginning of "Hard Habit to Break" by Chicago. For years I never knew that each note contained a bit of vibrato that I never heard until I listened to the song on my RF-7s. Also, "Take Me Home" by Phil Collins. The triangle or whatever instrument that is playing during the chorus never struck me until I heard it on RF-7s. Speaker positioning will affect some of this, but the quality of the speaker definitely does too.
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