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    Living Room: 2.2/Atmos 7.2.4 (11 channels with LR Subs)=Front L&R, Danley SH-50 horns powered by Topping LA5, SH-50 Center powered by 1/2 of Ayima 07, Forte for surround Channels 4&5 (SR & SL), Super Heresy 1.0 for Rear channels 6&7 (RL & RR), Four-KPT 200's on ceiling for Atmos, all 8 surround/ceiling speakers powered by 4 Ayima 07 TI Chip amplifiers (about 60W/ch.). Yamaha Pre/Pro CX-A5200. One servo drive bt-7 full horn sub and One Danley TH-50 Sub Panasonic DP-UB820 4K Blue Ray for 2.2 CD's, HDMI out for Atmos DVD/Blue Ray. YPAO for all listening. 1 Behringer A800 for subs.

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  1. Whether I got lucky or not. I clearly state my exact conditions over the exact time period. Unlike the rest of the world I look for good new as part of the data as well as the bad. If it's 80% good, and 20 bad, I still consider the propensity for negativity in our society and take my chance with the good. Especially when even the "mistake" is affordable.
  2. I have owned 32 (still have some) of Tom's U.S.A. conical horn products over time.Lots of low distortion sound in small packages is his jam. He still plays bass along with his music. I hope Roy still plays drums an wears hearing protection. LOL. I just designed and built a pair of d'Appolito reflex, twin 15" Eminence speakers with the latest concentric 2-way compression drivers in a PRV horn to replace the Klipsch Forte 1, just sold to my brother for his basement system. Leaving his Cornwalls upstairs for his wife's living room. I'm bi-amping the passive woofer & mid-tweeter section with 2 PA-5's. An original one (over 2 years old, never shut off) on the high end and a PA-5 II on the bass, which of course uses 10-12 db more power than the horn portion. At 100 db/W sensitivity,, I never worry about enough power. I have finer control of relative amplitudes vs. Autoformers or resistors (it's "dial a fractional db control"). It's also called "great, useful watts" for the dolar. Always look for what it Good in a product vs. the bad REVIEWS everyone else seems to seek incessantly, which prevents them from progressing in their quest for better sound.
  3. Great comment. Since version II is likely fixed an the only one available at an even lower price than the original, I would say the only fear is fear itself. Whether these guys buy one or not will not change my life & audio happiness one iota.
  4. I was not "covering up" or angry about anything. I'm generally just impatient with posts that totally miss the Clarity of my posts. Or contribute zero. Just stating my real world experience, nothing more, nothing less. Never read more "into" a post past what is EXACTLY written. After 10,000 of them I think I figured out how to do that Accurately myself. Everything else is misconstrued on the part of the reply typists, including YOU apparently. Also, I will not stand for someone telling me to "stop it," especially from people who never contribute anything POSITIVE or useful here. If I ever call out anyone's "bullshit" here, the term was coined by Paul Klipsch himself & should be immune from retorts of outrage or censorship.
  5. Since most speakers are WORSE "space heaters" than Klipsch speakers are latest from Part Express clock in at 78 dB/watt 4 ohm impedance, vs. 90-104 for most Klipsch proucts, the typical user I spoke of simple uses more power, like 100 times more, which is why the early failures exist.
  6. I own 3 of the original an 1 of the V II for over 2 years. Never a single issue with horns. I NEVER turn them off, only the Pre amp an source get turned off. Never Blame the Product on what might Be id10t users.
  7. Roy has made respectable performance in the "Below 80 Hz. world" of Horns with HORNS. Physics is Physics. Large, heavy lumber is not for high volume products.................a Market Reality!
  8. Unless it's a very, very fine lunch with a few friends & a large bar Tab!
  9. Oh, no. Heaven forbid you might have to spend more than Lunch Money for anything that works well in audio.
  10. Speaking of nice photos, did you ever install those Four 12" drivers into the Snail Horns you got from me over a year ago? Just curious as to how they might sound and/or measure.
  11. Since commercial recordings get "stepped on" so many times and so many ways, what's one more Step? At least the user has the final Control Step instead of out of control idiots with large checkbooks!
  12. Yup. And the total fallacy of some "Audiophiles," is the statement: "I want my speakers to give me the sound as the Artist intended." PWK did it right with his recordings and hsi 2PH3 Array of Horns. The rest of the recordings TODAY, have been Stepped ON a half dozen times in the Mastering stages with so many Electronic Toys.... All driven by the idiots with a big checkbook the say: "Make everything louder than everything else."
  13. I don't need a fix. I have zero problems with mine driving horns at either 4 or 8 ohms, passive. I have 3 of the originals and one Mk II version. I'm sure guys that had problems were trying to drive 84 db space heater speakers with too many watts. No "solution" needed here.
  14. You are lucky the price went back up. They were available for like, $150 new for a while, which would kill your attempt at selling. I have 4 of them myself, so not need. GLWS.
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