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  1. As the owner of pCATs, I can say they are amazing amplifiers and rarely come up for sale. For those that aren't familar, search this forum and you will only see very postive reviews.
  2. These are advertised in the furniture section so they are probably not getting too many views. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/fuo/d/seagoville-klipsch-la-scala/7275638975.html
  3. This looks like the center channel that went between these Klipschorns (you can even see one of the K-horns in the photo above):
  4. J M O N

    First Watt

    I've owned the Wright 2A3 Monos (still regret selling them), so I consider that to be very high praise!
  5. J M O N

    First Watt

    I haven't seen a thread dedicated to First Watt amplifiers so thought I would start one here. For those of you that own or have owned First Watt amps, please indicate the model and share you impressions here. Thanks!
  6. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ele/d/coppell-klipschorns-cornerhorns-khorn/7279335849.html
  7. Cary Audio Designs CAD45-SE single ended triode monoblocks (45 tube). Photos are from a previous owner.
  8. Looks great! I've had thoughts of doing something very similar, but when I started adding up all the parts necessary and the time involved, it seemed to requiree more time than I have available. Weight is another concern. Do you have an idea of how much each one of those weighs?
  9. Very sorry to hear this, especially if this is @joshnich from our forum. If so, he was a longtime member of this forum and I've enjoyed his contributions here over all these years. Condolences to you and his family.
  10. This is very sad news. I've never met Bob but did send some business his way and he subsequently sent his high value services my way. This is a huge loss to the Klipsch community. Condolences to his family.
  11. Sad news. I saw Bruce Edgar and his loudspeakers at the Midwest Audiofest many years ago. Subsequently, when I lived in Southern California, I created a "SoCal Hornhead" Yahoo Group which Bruce joined. I recall one time I was looking for advice on repairing an Audio Research tube amplifier locally so I asked the Yahoo group and Bruce replied recommending Cy Brenneman. So that's who I took it to. Condolences out to Bruce's family.
  12. Nice looking Klipschorns. However, as others have noted, that is not the cane grill cloth. It is the brown grill cloth. I once owned a pair of walnut oiled Cornwalls with that same brown grill cloth.
  13. Those larger cabinets appear to be the bottom end of the Pro Klipschorns (TSCMs).
  14. If not to impact a potential future sale, then why? Please explain.
  15. I own 1978 Klipschorns and they sounded fabulous even with 30 year-old crossovers. I sent the crossovers to Bob Crites about five years ago to give them a once over and he replaced all the old capacitors. It was very quick -- I had my crossovers back within a few days -- much faster than I expected. He also sells the kits if you want to replace the capacitors yourself.
  16. If that is true, then there is no reason to get any official confirmation from Klipsch. The OP knows he bought them from John Prine (not Pine) and he knows his receipt is authentic.
  17. I heard the Double Impacts at the 2018 Lone Star Audiofest and thought they sounded great. The exception was that the bass was boomy. Of course, these shows are held in hotels and those small hotels rooms probably don't do well regarding acoustics. I've rarely heard anything that I've been truly impressed with at these shows.
  18. I was assuming that maybe the purpose was to potentially increase the sale price for these Klipschorns. I don't believe there would be much (if any) value increase based on who a prevous owner was, unless it was someone really, really, really famous (like Elvis). Getting a higher price for these speakers would have to come from a serious John Prine fan or maybe one of his familiy members or friends -- who also wanted to own Klipschorns (very large speakers that most people out there won't want).
  19. I would also agree with this. If extreme volumes were my objective, I'd take the Chorus IIs (just bring a big amp). The Fortes can still get pretty loud, but I would prefer the Chorus II at the higher volumes.
  20. I agree with this statement. After reading this thread, it appears I'm not the only one that preferred the Forte, but it does seem that the vast majority that have heard both prefer the Chorus II. Those that haven't heard both are hopefully not commenting on which ones are better. 🙂 While I may have preferred the Fortes, that doesn't mean that you would. The ideal situation would be for you to buy both and sell the ones you prefer least. Just be careful, you might end up keeping both sets! Both sound like Klipsch so I do like both and would probably consider buying either again if a local set in walnut oil popped up at a reasonable price.
  21. It's been seven or eight years since I sold the Chorus II and I didn't to any kind of "scientific" comparison. I simply replaced the Chorus IIs with the Fortes when the Chorus IIs were sold. I had been listening to the Chorus IIs on occasion in a small office room for maybe a couple of years. They sounded good, but when the Fortes were brought in, I was quite impressed. They seemed to sound more "lively" and with deeper/more bass. They just seemed to be a little bit more enjoybable to listen to, but I have to admit I didn't listen to those Fortes for very long. I ended up moving not long after that and ended up selling the Fortes sometime after that, not really using the Forte's again except to demo them to the new owners. There was a time when I had the Chorus II in a large room and they did sound good, they were able to fill the large room with sound probably a bit better than the Fortes could've (though I didn't have the Fortes at that time). One thing that seemed to be surprising is that the Chorus IIs didn't seem to be that efficient -- it took a lot of power to get them going. Keep in mind though that I had other very efficient speakers that I was more used to which included Klipschorns and La Scalas, but even my Cornwalls seemed more efficient and I believe Chorus II and Cornwall efficiencies are supposed to be comparable.
  22. I'm a bit confused on what you are trying to accomplish. Are you try to determine if there was another owner prior to the person you bought it from? If so, what is the purpose?
  23. I like 'em! I probably wouldn't put them in my living room, but they would go great in a dorm room, kid's room, garage, or shop.
  24. I have owned both. I may be the only person in the world that feels this way but after I sold the Chorus IIs, I put the Forte's in their place expecting lesser sound. That didn't happen! I think I liked the overall sound signature of the Fortes better but in very large room I may have preferred the Chorus IIs. Both were driven with a Nakamichi CA-5 and PA-5 combo. Cornwalls on the other hand are better than both of them (my opinion of course).
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