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  1. Only had one. Great to blues, jazz in mono. This one looks complete. Solid wood.
  2. Yes, this case is still open. Hope you get them weekend. Enjoy!
  3. Welcome @Usam1gnr Just saw one above...
  4. Yes @Mariogert welcome... This topic is abit dated so, why not start a new one in same subforum here or our talking tubes section. Thanks
  5. Welcome @MrP627 Hoping someone here helps you... thanks!
  6. Welcome @Klipsch_Kid The garage sale section is the best way to list for sale items here. Thanks
  7. Would look here and Google searching unboxing rf7s. Meantime, think some open the bottom first, stand upright, and slowly lift box off of speaker. There will be grilled and other items inside as well. Unless you have help, likely recc., a good plan in place. Another is using a box razor and cutting at near the bottom around speaker. Then the care lifting off speaker. Yes @MicroMara an inspiration here for many. Other ideas welcomed...
  8. Welcome @onezero Do a search on here or Google. for your sb3. If you want to. Thanks!
  9. Welcome @Geraldine_Farrar Someone here may know. Would however start a conversation with Klipsch support to find a fix. Thanks!
  10. Welcome @blue13x Yes, likely either model 6000 will do for rears. The avr will adjust any overkill level.
  11. You have responses to your topic... please respond. Thanks and welcome ...
  12. Will leave for the moment others to explain their recc's. As satisfied as you are with your positive synergy with your Energy/Pioneer experience, at least you can come back to it if, you try your 7s. Would decide then if you want to open at some point. A buyer may well want to buy unopened, but then again others will like to see and hear, inspect. Some value and desire for the center and the 7s remains. The Energy Take 2 bookshelves from earlier I had and found those really decent. Klipsch has owned(?)that brand since 06. Would keep the Pioneer then to power the Klipsch to see how they pair up together. Care should be taken to not damage the new 7s as they are large and heavy, of course. Just my take, so far. BTW, would take pics of your factory sealed boxes as could use some later.
  13. Click on your klipsch.com in your user account. See if the ebony finish can find on any speakers.
  14. Welcome back! Glad you are still satisfied with your Energy. Afraid curiosity would have worn on me about the 7s... Guess you are using the Pioneer.
  15. Here: https://www.carscoops.com/2024/01/2025-infiniti-qx80-will-be-first-luxury-suv-to-feature-a-klipsch-audio-system/
  16. From the same site: DESCRIPTION Brand New Genuine Klipsch RF62 Series II 6.5″ Woofer #1011968. 8 ohm. This speaker should also be used to replace part #1000263 from the original RF-62. The original RF-62 woofer has a bucking magnet but this one does not.
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