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  1. I've been interested in what a cost is no object set of crossovers would sound like. Someone have them built so I can come over and hear them, please!
  2. I usually switch to wine, but it's a tad bit too early still.
  3. I found this place a while ago, don't know anything about them.http://www.speakerworks.com/speaker_grill_cloth_fabric_s/25.htm
  4. 4 different blood pressure meds, 1 prescription generic prilosec. Plus temporarily on muscle relaxers and 800mg ibuprofen for back pain (degenerative verts).
  5. I've got to get my new speakers built and my listening room redone! I thought I'd be further along, but this retirement thing is taking up all my time!
  6. Yeah, those are my old 4500's I'm going to play with, since I'm retired and bored.
  7. Since my new crossovers make my old crossovers sound like doodoo, I've decided to rebuild them with a bunch of new parts. Deang makes me mad!
  8. I had Dean build me some custom crossovers for my custom K-Horns a while back. I needed them to be adjustable since I'm using different drivers and horns. I had been using and older pair of home built universal type crossovers with Dayton and Sonicaps capacitors. After I got the new crossovers, I started listening and tried different attenuation settings on the mids and highs(with ALK tweeter attenuators in the mix). I tried at least 1047.2 different combinations over the next few months until I got the sound right. Much of that was due to the fact that the caps were still "burning in", along with my ears getting used to the sound. I am a firm believer that 100 hours is minimum acceptable time for a decent settling in on components and ears. This is where I start getting mad. After getting everything dialed in, I started noticing bothersome room reflections, and a nagging wife in the other room telling me to turn it down. I realized that the sound was so much clearer that I kept turning up the volume until I was overwhelming the room with too much sound! Another annoying thing is that I was hearing so much more detail that I had to listen to all my favorite LP's over again as if they were never heard before. Here's the last straw. I am a vinyl only kind of guy, but my dog likes to jump off the couch and skip my records from time to time. So one day I decided to throw in a cd so I could have some music playing without worries of doggie destroying a precious lp. I'll be damned if that cd didn't sound good. Or the next ten. How am I ever going to live with myself? It is truly amazing how much better my system sounds with the new crossovers. I don't think Dean gets enough credit sometimes, and people tend to think his prices are too high when they can get other peoples crossovers so much cheaper. The components Dean chooses are not cheap, and he has done his homework on the synergy between parts that makes his products shine.
  9. Glad Samantha Fish is gaining more recognition.
  10. I toss my cables right into the pot of food I'm cooking. Gives my music that "home cooked" vibe.
  11. Tubes,Klipsch, and vinyl! Doesn't get any better than that!
  12. I have one I built about 9 years ago. It has all the best mods (Russian pio caps, auto bias board, volume control) and is still going strong. An excellent amp with more than enough power for Klipsch Heritage speakers. I am currently using a Dennis Had Inspire Hot Rod amp with my K-Horns, but my ST-120 is hooked up to a second system.
  13. My standard advice for anyone looking to get into tubes for the first time--reach out and see if there is someone locally who would be willing to bring a tube amp over to listen to. You may find that you don't like the sound of tubes in your system, and it would save you the trouble of having to resell an amp after you purchased it.
  14. The only camping I do in this weather is on the couch with a blanket!
  15. I'm running an eight watt/channel single ended tube amp and never have to turn the volume up more than 1/3 of the way on my K-Horns!
  16. I tried camouflage tape once but I couldn't see the crossovers
  17. OK folks, after reading the comments since I decided to remove the caps and send them back, I've decided to not mess with them after all. I don't want to butcher Deans work, and as the saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!". Besides, I'm lazy
  18. I think it's appropriate to put an almost Klipsch badge on an almost Klipsch speaker.
  19. Caps are going back to Solen. They agreed to giving me 10 percent off my next purchase for my troubles. I really like the communication from this company, and look forward to using their products on my next build.
  20. I have pretty much decided on sending the caps back to Solen, depending on what they say tomorrow.
  21. I don't have the originals, but I have another pair of universals that I can use.
  22. they weren't exposed to any high temp.
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