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  1. Now that I've got your attention, let me tell you my story. I'm into tubes. This last month I've purchased 6 vintage tubes. And a tube tester. I already have two other testers. I put in my new tubes, hoping for the glorious sound I hope to achieve. Not sure I like the sound. My tube pre quits two weeks after I put new tubes in it. I replace the tubes with the ones I took out, change the blown fuse, and nothing. Now I have to send the pre in for repairs. Last year I had a tube short out and take out my amp. I was able to repair it myself. Here's the dilemma--I love the sound of my tube system, but I'm thinking that the constant cost of upkeep may not be worth the aggravation. I'm getting older, my ears aren't getting better. Technology is going forward. Is it time to cut my losses and go back to solid state? Would I find the same satisfaction as I do with tubes? Would I be trading convenience for sound quality? I know there are people on here who have gone from tubes back to solid state and never looked back. Obviously there are people like me who have gone from solid state to tubes. I'm looking for advice from people who have been in my predicament.
  2. I've run both in my Latino ST-120, and you will need some sort of time delay with the ss unless it has a built in delay. I found some cool Mullard GZ-33 rectifier tubes that not only look great, but have handled the load on the ST-120 for ten years now. I kept blowing new production GZ-34's. I prefer the look of glowing tubes!
  3. If available--Mountain-Climbing Neil Young-American Kinks- Greatest Nicky Hopkins-No Mo Lee Michaels-5th Jack Bruce--Harmony Dave Mason-Let it Flow Set aside, I might take more after I research them. Thanks add-Quicksilver Fairport Convention Both Family lps Ray Charles
  4. Neat boat! Have you seen the video of David Gilmour's boat he uses for a studio? Reminds me of that.
  5. I like to think of this Forum as one big support group, no matter what kind of support you need.
  6. kevinmi

    National Anthem

    I think the Lady is very underrated. Love her voice.
  7. A true story from just a few days ago...I found something I wanted on U S Audiomart, a rare piece. It was $1500. There was one on fleabay for the same price. I decided to check the sister page, Canuk Audio Mart. There was one of the same item, for $950. I messaged the seller and asked if he could ship to the US.He said yes, but with double boxing and duties and such, it would be another $200. I figured I was still ahead at $1150 total, so I agreed to buy it. The seller said wait until you see the exchange rate on the currency. My $1150 payment through paypal cost me $946! I love our friends to the North! I said all that to say this-those sites are great for finding rare or obsolete items, and sometimes bargains. BTW, I've been to Claude's house. I had to park my own car.
  8. kevinmi

    Bob Crites RIP

    RIP, Mr. Crites. You have helped many people, including me, on their journey through the audio hobby.
  9. if available, I'll take Kinks Greatest Bruce Springsteen Live put aside for me if you are going to list more!
  10. Wow, what a coincidence! I just got an e-mail from some princess in Africa who wants to send me 9.8 million dollars! People sure are getting generous.
  11. I watched about a third of it so far, excellent piece of history. Hope to finish it later today. Thanks for posting!
  12. If still available, I'll take both Mott the Hoople, Catch Bull at 4, best of Procol Harum, Lightning Hopkins.
  13. Dean recommended a brand of cap to me that the humble guy said was no good. Guess who was right and who was full of sh...himself?
  14. I bought a pair of 12bh7 a couple years ago, but they were both noisy on one side, so I gave up. The Amperex Holland tubes are the best I've heard so far. The Kt-120's are good new production tubes. I probably ran them longer than any other tube. They are more SS sounding. whereas the Gold Lions are more mellow sounding. It all depends on your overall system and room acoustics also.
  15. That's kinda what I thought. That makes sense why my single ended amps sound different.
  16. You may ask. but you may not like the answer---I started out with the Sovtek KT-88's. Then I tried Tung Sol new production 6550's. Then Gold Lion KT-88's. Then KT-120's. Now I'm running vintage Tung-Sol 6550, about $150 each. As far as the small preamp tubes. I've used dozens. but my favorites are RCA clear tops. and I usually run an Amperex in the middle. because that's the tube that makes the most difference. I am running a vintage Mullard GZ-33 for the rectifier tube. I like tube rolling, can you tell?
  17. I've bought a new desktop and a new laptop. both with windows 10. I hate windows 10.
  18. Yep, go with a Latino kit. Excellent instructions, and if you get stumped. Bob Latino is always there to help you. I built my first amp, a Latino ST-120, ten years ago and it is still running strong. I must have e-mailed Bob a dozen times during the build. and he was always quick to respond and very patient.
  19. Whats the difference between a Latino amp in triode and a single ended triode amp?
  20. don't buy a pp amp with switches that switch it to single ended and expect it to sound like a dedicated single ended amp. The Latino amp has this capability, and it doesn't sound anything like my single ended amps.
  21. I used to think it was the best with my K-Horns until I tried single ended tube amps.
  22. after we figure out why caps sound different, can we move on to tubes?
  23. I'll probably get flack for saying this, but I don't care--the Latino ST-120 sounds every bit as good as the McIntosh 275, at a fraction of the price.
  24. I was 15 in 71, and got thrown out of school for having long hair. True story.
  25. Dave, I've asked you various questions a couple of times in the past, and you were always patient with any questions I had. The Forum will miss you and your knowledge.
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