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  1. I've been using a Cary SLP-98P F1 for about 10 years with my K-Horns and love it. Dead quiet.
  2. not Klipsch by the looks of the one pic
  3. kevinmi

    Refusal to talk

    I don't like talking on the phone. My hearing is bad enough that I may not hear you, or I may hear you wrong. On top of that, my memory leaves a lot to be desired. I may get off the phone and not remember half of the conversation. With texts, I have something I can re-read. And if I'm texting you, you can't hear me peeing!
  4. When all this pandemic stuff goes away, I'm planning on having the gang up for a MI Klipsch gathering, and hopefully you guys can show me the ins and outs of getting started with streaming(music, my prostate DR took care of the other streaming issue).
  5. The Remastered 180g vinyl of Bob Marley Legend is an excellent recording, mastered well. Percussion really stands out. I also got a copy of Miles Davis, Kind of Blue on 180g blue vinyl that is really clean.
  6. Sounds like it could be an amp issue? Try swapping the speaker wires to see if the amp is playing louder in one channel. You can also swap the input cables from your source, such as a cd player, to see if that isn't playing louder in one channel.
  7. I guess I'm too old school (maybe just too old), but I could never see myself paying for music that isn't in a physical dimension. I'm not saying it doesn't sound good, or isn't worth it, just saying it's not me.
  8. kevinmi


    Got about a dozen coming up under an apple tree today!
  9. kevinmi

    What I Got Today!

    I've got the Hot Rod version, love it!
  10. kevinmi


    I usually find 20 or 30 on my property every year. Best luck is around dead trees, especially apple. Also find some around mature pines.
  11. kevinmi

    Car Thread

    I've got a rebuilt 4:10 rear end for my big block Vette to install this year.
  12. I now understand why my dog wants to run out the door when it's opened....
  13. kevinmi

    Stimulus Money?

    There is one company out of Cali I thought that makes tv's here still. Probably assembled here from Chinese parts.
  14. kevinmi

    COVID layoff's

    I would have been laid off and making more money on unemployment had it not been for the fact that I retired a year ago.
  15. it's not about what is blocked, but about what is let through.
  16. kevinmi

    Stimulus Money?

    Wife and I got $2400 direct deposited today.
  17. the heads have small slots in them, one for each channel. Look closely for a buildup of gunk inside the slots. Clean with denatured alcohol and a q-tip. Also, if the transport system is misaligned, it could cause problems. The tape has to be 90 degrees perpendicular to the heads for best results. Another problem could be the bias, which could be an internal component problem. If I didn't see any obvious dirt or misalignment issues, I'd send it out to a qualified technician.
  18. I've got some records I could trade....GLWS
  19. Off Topic a bit: I have a pacemaker(because I like having all the latest technical stuff), and magnets interfere with the operation of the unit. It's really hard for me to remember to stay away from electro- magnetic currents. I was using my chainsaw a couple years ago, and it made my pacer skip a beat or two. Not a good feeling!
  20. I have a cassette deck in my system (Yamaha) because my 87 Vette has a cassette player in it. I keep telling myself I'm going to make some road trip tapes, but it isn't as fun as it was when I was a teenager.
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