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  1. If you have regular plywood cabinets with no veneer you can probably get by using a light stripper, test on the bottom and don't leave it on too long.
  2. Does not mean its a 30 Hz horn. Fb is 22 Hz, same as the THT.
  3. Not the largest horn in the world.
  4. Some power them with as little as a few watts, me personally would need 25 or more.
  5. Note for the buyer. The Table Tuba is a 22 Hz horn, not 30.
  6. General stacking of speakers takes the magic out of the music. Stacking speakers meant to be placed in a vertical array is a different story altogether.
  7. Any quality plywood will do as its a small panel, 1/2, 5/8 or 3/4". Personally i use speaker gasket tape but any good weatherstripping will work, just overlap, cut and line up the ends. Pre drill so the new panel gets pulled up tight to the old cabinet for a good seal.
  8. Dayton standalone amplifier <here> Or better yet. Plate amp <here> with <this> or make your own mounting frame. I don't recommend mounting another amplifier in the cabinet itself. Block off the amplifier mounting hole with good plywood and mount binding posts ot terminal cup on the new plate installed. Make sure your work is 100 % airtight.
  9. Granted most of the really bad capacitors i have replaced were electrolytic or oil filled type but have no reason to believe poly and film and foil last forever either. Normally i used Dayton poly caps unless other brands were requested.
  10. Sure it can, if the capacitor is out of specification drivers can overlap or underlap causing unwanted peaks or dips in frequency response. Capacitors are maintenance items and normally the first thing to go out in aging loudspeakers, its a inexpensive repair and i see no reason not to replace.
  11. If the capacitors are out of specification the drivers may be producing sound out of their bandpass causing issues, nobody knows unless they are properly tested. Internet diagnosis is only a crapshoot i hate to say.
  12. Once upon a time Klipsch had stellar customer service that went above and beyond for their customers, now not so much. I just recommended the best solution if you wanted to keep your current subs for a long time, having them repaired is likely just going to cost you in the long run. If you can get them repaired under warranty that's great but the odds are stacked against you i hate to say if you plan to keep them, on the other hand replace the amps with an outboard type you will have something that will last so not to worry. Hope everything works out for you.
  13. Baltic Birch plywood would be a great looking lens, each graduated ply showing through would be a great look for the older Birch cabinets. Great look, keep up the good work.
  14. Board up the amplifier hole, install some binding posts or cup in the newly installed plate and get yourself an outboard amplifier. The inside of a subwoofer is a harsh environment for an amplifier.
  15. If the old capacitors are out of specifications you will notice a difference when you replace them, if they are not that bad you may not notice much or anything at all. Its money well spent to replace them, if not bad now they soon will be as they don't last forever. I never heard the Forte II as being bright in any way but seeing as you owned KG-4's and were used to them i can see where somebody may complain about the Forte II being a bit brighter as it is a 3 way and the crossover points are much different making for a much different presentation.
  16. Because its a pro sound cabinet made for large spaces, you need power to fill up a large space. Installed in a home you won't need the extra power unless hearing damage is the ultimate goal.
  17. Looks like the woofer cutout was done with a jigsaw.
  18. DJK always recommended installing a standard 561 automotive bulb in line with the tweeter to prevent tweeter failure. Just a bit of cheap insurance to prevent those tweets from burning out again.
  19. Where the screw meets the driver frame it needs to be flat, using that type of screw will destroy a stamped steel frame and cause unwanted stress on not only the basket but the screw itself. As for Allen, Torx, Square or Phillips i really have no preference as i have had no issue with any of them personally.
  20. Pick up a fan speed control unit, available at any home improvement center. Adjusting the speed will quiet the fans.
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