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  1. Just like any other direct radiating subwoofer. Sealed subwoofers for home audio commonly use DSP to boost low frequencies.
  2. With a horn ? I never said that and no its not.
  3. The length of the horn has a large impact on frequency response, low frequency sound waves are long so they need a longer horn. A horn is an amplifier by definition.
  4. Dad took me to the moving pictures tour in 1981 as i was only 12 at the time, i remember how impressed he was about 3 guys putting out that much sound. Sad to see him go.
  5. Even with a cabinet redesign using a neodymium motor woofer it would quite the weight loss. Probably a misprint.
  6. Ebay normally lists those if you have no luck here.
  7. DSP and bass bin braces make for a much better sounding La Scala.
  8. jason str


    More options for crossover, delay and smoothing out response issues common in most rooms. If you have the means its really the way to go.
  9. jason str


    Unless you have a super tight budget i recommend you spring for an amplifier with DSP.
  10. Scroll down for a basic design, same should be done on the inside port shelf. Wood works just as good as the PVC illustrated in the link above.
  11. The mouth will be in the front firing towards the floor, just follow the front firing option towards the back of the plans or follow the end firing directions and aim the mouth upwards. If the budget is tight look at this driver. <Here> Its perfect for the slim design and saves you some cash. Try to purchase an amp with DSP options such as <this> for best results out of those horns. No need for big power in these designs, they are super efficient. If you have any more questions or need help along the way i will be back after the new years parties are over.
  12. A front firing THTLP will fit right where the current sub is, the 15" width will free up some floor space.
  13. Could just be faded from the sun. # 19 is Black # 20 is Brown Tags on the back will show the code, keep in mind DuraCrest fabrics is still in business so it could have been replaced at one time or another.
  14. Half space measurements are the easiest to perform, why would you not use them and if they were not used it should be noted as such. >link<
  15. Half space measurement is the industry standard unless things changed while i slept last night.
  16. Rattles can be difficult to find with the unit right in front of you, diagnosing this will be just a guess at best. Its a coin toss and may need hard to find parts once diagnosed.
  17. I run class A on far more sensitive speakers with great results.
  18. Merry Christmas everyone.
  19. The fuse should be right under where the power cable plugs in. If the fuse is still good its likely the amplifier went out.
  20. All good Claude, no worries.
  21. I was not referring to any design, just your general statement about ports.
  22. Something to look at if you don't think flaring the port ends help much >link< The link applies to subs but the same rule applies to woofers.
  23. Klipsch used plywood on their flanges for years and years, so have i with no issues. Like you said it depends on the grain and wood, why take the risk.
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