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  1. You cant go wrong buying a decent Thorens, they should have something in your price range. http://www.thorens.com/home.html
  2. Do you have a multimeter for testing ? Good to see you pulled the loose wire and replaced it with a 3 wire, you should not worry so much about the code issue but for you and your family's safety. If you have no current at the switch you may have smoked something else in the circuit like another outlet or the breaker. Most switches have basic schematics on the box but if you still have the brother in law handy and don't feel comfortable with diagnosis of the circuit i suggest you wait for help rather than risking everybody's life in the process.
  3. Willing to ship to interested parties in the CONUS if you can find somebody willing to move.
  4. This was asked for testing purposes only along with my question that never was answered about slowly flipping the switches.
  5. Pull one of the switches and see if they can be serviced, a little contact cleaner may be all you need. If the switches are cheapies you may want to spend the extra dough on some some hospital grade units, they will be of higher quality. Make sure you switch off the breaker before doing any work.
  6. Not exactly sexy songs but this is some of what i put up with when married and in the mood: Cant touch this by MC hammer Never There by Cake Down with the sickness by Disturbed
  7. Sounds like dirty switch contacts, does the switch still make noise if flipped slowly ? Moisture behind the walls causes this sometimes but it is nothing to worry about unless your tunes are cranked way up.
  8. That screen is rediculously tiny but if it works you have a nice toy to experiment with, good find.
  9. Updated price- Sold Up for sale is my Tuba HT subwoofer that i enjoyed building so much i must do another, the project came out so nice i may even buy the rest of Bill's plans just to have for future projects. The subwoofer is loaded with driver, has been tested for leaks and is ready for your system. Because the horn loading being very efficient you only need to add a small plate amp of 100-300 watts to enjoy this subwoofer at its full potential. Not for the faint of heart, this subwoofer is 3 ft tall, 3 ft wide and 25" deep The sound quality is superb and output gets insane if you dare to crank it up. If you have a pair of LaScala's this will match perfectly and blend seamlessly with the sound,also great for high end home theater, keeping up with the big boy Klipsch products or just need improved sound quality of your current system. The price is $1200 $900 750 or and can be picked up locally in the Chicagoland area or i am willing to meet intrested parties part way if need be. Any interested are encouraged to come by and have a listen, build pictures can be found here. http://forums.klipsch.com/forums/t/128331.aspx?PageIndex=3 Specs and product information can be found here. http://billfitzmaurice.net/THT.html
  10. How may women are you bring? James I am divorced and not bringing any hence my asking.
  11. No not looking for a singles party but some eye candy is always nice to see. Shure will try to attend if at all possible.
  12. If you are having a hard time getting your oil to take to your finish you will need to remove the layers of smegma with a mix of water & Simple green first. I have never used the stuff on fabric before so you may want to try a inconspicous spot before going crazy on the grill, not sure if you would want to use anything on the cones though, usually i just dry dust those myself.
  13. To remove the bong or cigarette smoke Simple Green works best.
  14. Forte or Forte II are excellent sounding speakers, one of my good friends has a pair of Forte and invites me over a few times every month to crank some tunes and drives them with a run of the mill Denon receiver with decent results. I swore they were Forte II's but thats what i get for assuming i guess, though i have not spent as much time with Forte II's i know they too are excellent performers and in my opinion may be somewhat better at low volumes than my beloved Chorus II's but are no comparison when push comes to shove. Now i never had corners for my Chorus II's until recently and never had complaints but do agree corners help, maybe it was that i had hallways just off the placing of my speakers, thats another reason i love my LaScala's room placement is not nearly as critical as others.
  15. Chorus II's kick very hard when given some real power, your Denon does not have the umph to drive them if they do not perform well.
  16. I have some extra cash.[] Will there be any women attending the pilgrimage or is this just a sausage fest of Klipschsters ? Is this thing a whole week or just a few days ?
  17. Klipsch sub 12 but i was shopping around for quite some time to look for a replacement as i found the sub 12 not even close to be able to match my mains. I could not be happier with the sound though this thing is a moose, i threw my back out last week moving this bahemoth from the garage to the house. []
  18. Plans came in and build is complete, all i can say is WOW this is really clean bass pumping from this unit, detailed articulate bass that matches my LaScalas perfectly and has no problem keeping up even when i really crank up the knob. The build is complete besides some sanding and paint, i encourage anybody with woodworking skills to dump their current subwoofer and build or find one in the marketplace. Here is mine. My son the helper.
  19. Lots of free stuff online, just google around.
  20. Not at all. On the contrary... Sounds like you are bringing back some low wage China men to replace your current staff then ? Great idea but you need to hide the sweat shop workers from the public, most of us frown upon this kind of stuff (good for profits though says wal-mart).
  21. Or for a mere fraction of that you could build the mentioned Tuba HT for $300 or so depending on amp and driver selection.This has more than enough output at any frequency to shake down your drywall if so inclined and sound quality is unbelievable.
  22. Lowes is useless, i ended up getting hold of a local contractor supplier who knew exactly what i needed.
  23. Triple post, by the way those speakers on married w children look exactly like a pair of Marantz 3 ways i once had but its hard to tell with the blurry picture, then again in the 80's big box speakers all looked similar.
  24. Rolling Stones records in Norridge/Chicago has a set of heresy's in the back section.
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