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  1. Go with the LaScala's and save some cash as you will not need the extra bottom end the K-horn provides using those subs, by the way nice looking setup you have there. [Y]
  2. I'm gonna have to disagree with this statement, the Sub 12 is a good off the shelf subwoofer for the price but for $500 in the DIY world you can build yourself something the Sub 12 could not touch with a 10 foot pole. The Sub 12 would probably make a good home theater subwoofer as it digs pretty low and hits hard but for music it gets muddy witch makes it hard to incorporate into most systems. My advise is to get one good sub like mentioned earlier and find something else to raise your speakers to your preference or build one subwoofer to meet your needs and make a dummy clone for the other speaker.
  3. If your wire corrodes in 4 months time its not good stuff. If you must keep your current cables just solder the ends, basic soldering kits are available for cheap.
  4. Solder the exposed ends or get some good wire.
  5. Very impressive, solid stamped steel frame, stiff lightweight cone & rubber surround for long lasting sounds. I was so impressed with my purchase i used the Dayton Classic 10" model for my next experiment.
  6. The amp and driver is the same combo i used in my Tuba HT, both are quality, solid built products but since they are used in a horn loaded cabinet i cannot judge how they would sound in the supplied cabinet. You can always try it out and if you are not happy with it the driver would also work with a ported cabinet or the horn loaded Tuba HT build if you really want some musical bass.
  7. The Dayton Classic is one of the few recommended drivers for this design and i chose it because it has rubber surrounds for longevity, i do not like foam surrounds since they fall apart over time. For my next project the Table Tuba i chose a similar 10" model.
  8. Bump Taking offers & open to trades.
  9. I can comment about the Tuba HT with the LaScala's. Using a horn loaded sub is the only way to run in my opinion. I guess the easiest way to explain it is comparing any other well built horn loaded woofer, it sounds different, tight & snappy with lots of force unlike direct radiator models where coloration and distortion can be interpreted as bass. For instance, the Chorus II's produce hefty amounts of bass, nice tight drum kicks and bass notes that rock but hearing the same music through good horn loaded models sounds different, same with the Tuba HT it matches better because its a horn, having enough power is nothing i worry about anymore, the 24" version will pump out 120+ dB, more than enough to compliment or overpower most rooms.
  10. Bass seems to take over the room right ? [Y] Good to hear you like the end results.
  11. No naked wieners or swinging sausages allowed, cover those things up.
  12. My Tuba HT may be along for the ride if anybody is interested, cash or trade.
  13. All of the wireless stuff i ever used is not worth a squirt of piss, they are prone to hiss and interference and just not worth the hassle or extra $$$ IMO. Spare your ears and get wired. [Y]
  14. You won't be sorry with the Advent', they sound better than outdoor models costing much more. If you must have Klipsch shop around, good things come to those who wait.
  15. Those Palladium bookshelf models are very sweet for the size of the cabinet they use, the mids sound so natural its hard to believe you're hearing a little bookshelf speaker. If you don't mind my asking what are those stands you are using with them ? Looks like you need more subs, hurry up with those Tuba's would you. By the way i am putting together one of the Table Tuba's just for grins, hope its 1/2 as good as the big brother, probably doing a 16" version and i picked up the Dayton 10" for more output though i probably wont need it.
  16. Mono Price has some great deals on speaker wire and cables, normally i just buzz over to Radio Shack for my goods but they have been switching inventory lately and i would hate to see you get hosed picking up the wrong stuff. If you are not running through any walls this will be a great choice. Here Or if you are going through walls this will offer more protection. Here For the sub just find the length of RCA cable you need and pick that up with the wire.
  17. jason str


    Return it to the store for an exchange if you can.
  18. If you don't mind a refurbished unit check this out. http://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/MARSR4002/Marantz/Sr4002-Receiver-80w-X-7ch-Hdmi-Home-Theater-Surround/1.html
  19. One small leak in the driver access door, 1/2 turn of a few screws fixed it right up.
  20. Looks good, be sure to test for leaks. Don't break any windows testing your new sub, my woofer took 2 weeks to fully break in and that was after 3 days of running on the bench. Be sure to post back with your opinion of your new toy. [Y]
  21. This thread is funny as hell, be sure to stay tuned. [pi]
  22. Just saw these KG2s on the Bay. Good price so far, though zero feedback is a definate con. Thanks for the link but i am not buying anything at this time, however i am still interested in trades to make it easier for somebody to take home a dam good subwoofer.
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