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  1. What are you, psychic or something? 4, OK!! Just 4, so far. Lay off wife type! Sorry, felt like the Misses was speaking to me.........
  2. Question is, how much of it have I had since college?? At least 12 of these, maybe more.
  3. ACV92

    Ryder Cup

    Unless a nap is in order. Like watching Bob Ross, near immediate staring at the back of the eyelids.
  4. Here you go dj1. It has Dolby Noise Reduction as well. Only way to go......
  5. Man, did you just open a can of worms.....
  6. Yeah, I can tell in my listening space that some diffusion is needed. When you've listened to audio for so many years it's like you can 'see' the trajectory lines of the bandwidth. I'm listening to subpar gear at that. Anything I can do to make it sound better.... Very cool setup and space by the way.
  7. Sweet. I'll take the main chair on the left. You control the gear, I'll just sit and listen, with a beverage anyway. Unless something sounds like crap and I'll throw my worthless cents in. Deal??
  8. Yeah, going to do some half rounds with my few panels that I built. Upper positioning, 4 of them. Want to enjoy that refracted sound. Dispersion and diffusion are our friends.
  9. ACV92

    Max Volume!

    Classic Chris Cornell. Audioslave - We Got The Whip
  10. ACV92

    Max Volume!

    A few days after Oktoberfest. Happens to the best of us.
  11. ACV92

    Max Volume!

    Up next. Another fav. Love these guys. Five Finger Death Punch - Trouble
  12. ACV92

    Max Volume!

    Just checking to see if there's a pulse over here. My kind of tunes. Glad it's Friday. All That Remains - Madness
  13. So, in reference to what CECCAA850 said, I'll sell you my SW-10, with a passive 12 for $50. Cab is abused and the amp picks up FM radio stations. Quite a feat for a sub. Yeah, do as other's have said, get a new sub. You'll be much happier.
  14. ACV92

    Death & Eternity

    Ever had a dream to which the event happened at some point later in time? Quantum mechanics are at play, at least as interpreted. There's more. We have no idea, until it happens. Too many theories to extrapolate a unified understanding. We could simply be riding on an atom in someone's thumb, yet, feeling as though we are artificially large. Time and existence are precarious things. We may as well be riding on the Santa Maria in the phase of discovery. Sooo much to learn, such limited bandwidth. String theory, plasma universe, dark matter, black holes, etc., etc., are all notions of an uneducated mind. Until we experience it first hand, then, and only then will we know. So, yeah, is there something after? Sure, but there's something before, during, and everything in between. If anyone can truly explain the path of existence and perceptual lack there of, enlighten me. I'd love to know. My worthless bits anyway.
  15. ACV92

    RIP John McCain

    Don't care what side of the fence you're on. Guy spent 5 years as a POW. Always had the country first and foremost in his mind. Whether you liked his direction or not he was a true patriot. Hard to find these days. RIP Mr. McCain.
  16. So, to the original topic post, a resounding yes. Found LS II's for a bargain?? Bonus. @elee532 Do tell what your impression of them is overall. Us discerning minds want to know, or live vicariously, either way. The WAF will come in to play when you set them up right. She'll be asking for you to play her fav's. My dream world anyway. Congrats on the purchase.
  17. It is a madness at that. Endless combinations of amps, pre's, and speakers run through the mind. Is it a problem when it interferes with the workflows??
  18. ACV92


    I think someone has a fetish for Mac gear. There's some serious dollars there. I can't help but laugh at the TV. To a point where the sound just doesn't fit what your looking at.
  19. I'm wondering if someone with Heresy II's that came with the original slanted risers would be willing to take a pic of the bottom of the cab. I just got some risers from Crites and want to place them in the same position as the factory did. Thanks in advance.
  20. Just back from San Diego. Had a few blondes at a place called BJ's last night, and had a couple of other blondes at a place called Urge the night before. Tonight, I'm back to my regular. Searching for that 'Rocky Mountain High' or hunting werewolves, you figure it out....
  21. ACV92

    What I Got Today!

    I second the motion...
  22. ACV92

    What I Got Today!

    Same with the Marantz and Klipsch combo. Although, I've only used AVR's. The bass thing is an issue. My mains have never produced the bass that many talk about. Have an SR8002 now, 125 across all channels, Torodial tranformer, last of the AVR's to have it, but doesn't drive the low end, at least to me anyway. Would love to try a 250, or 250M, and see what happens. I think you've just concluded my suspicion.
  23. ACV92

    What I Got Today!

    Nice grab. Lots of juice in that one's veins. Would love to have one. Enjoy!
  24. ACV92

    Max Volume!

    If you think that was Zeppelin inspired, check these guys out. I know, I'm a middle age dog, but I'm always searching for new sounds. I dig these guys. Not quite LZ, but good nevertheless. It's like people say, it all comes around. Gretta Van Fleet - Black Smoke Rising Nothing to watch, but you hear it. They've got some other good songs as well.
  25. ACV92

    Max Volume!

    These guys are from Iowa. Go figure. Cool section at the back end of the song, drums, a little left to right play. Reminds me of some older 60's, 70's tunes. Radio Moscow - No Good Woman No good videos of this one.
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