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  1. 27 minutes ago, wuzzzer said:



    Are you able to move your center forward more so it sits flush with the front of your tv stand?  You should get less sound reflection off the stand that way.


    I might try that, but with an 18' ceiling reflections from the center channel don't matter much. I would also think that the port in the back benefits from the wall behind the speaker

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  2. A few months back I posted that I was not happy with the center channel in my system, I was using a Martin-Logan SLM as my center channel. The SLM is a surface mount and it has short throw drivers and it was hard to balance in the system.   I was not happy with the system. I looked at other center speakers and have always had a preference for Klipsch. I asked on the forum for opinions on the 440 and I was steered to the RP-450C instead.

    I found a factory recertified 450C on Amazon for an attractive price and it arrived today.


    This is a major improvement over the SLM. I thought a center with a box enclosure would be better and apparently, I was correct. I still have some balancing to do, but I'm liking it.


    The System

    Yamaha Receiver - RX-A860

    R&L Speakers - Klipsch Heresy 1 - total rebuild with all new drivers and X-over

    R&L effects/presence - Martin Logan Edge

    The system just underwent a major improvement and sounds real sweet in either A/V or music


    The Klipsch R:P-450C
    juAHLGG.jpgand it was hard to balance in the system



    Rebuilt Heresy 1


    RP-450C with the M-L Edges


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  3. 5 hours ago, Emile said:

    @Schu, @dirtmudd, @svberger, @EJC, @shiva, @jimjimbo, @richieb, @tube fanatic, @sixsigma, @juniper, @Ceptorman, @edmjm, @derrickdj1 .... Many thanks to all of you for the GREAT advice! Thanks, thanks! Just wanted to thank you "personally." :) 


    Check is in the mail to Bob Latino for a VTA ST70 with all the upgrades. Also picking up a Dynaco PAT-4 preamp tomorrow just to try it ... couldn't afford a PAS-3X. :(  So; will have an "extra" tube amp (Pilot 230, 23W/ch) if anyone would like it (OK; prob for $250) :) Oops, also a Dynaco 120 since it came as a "set" with the preamp. :) 


    Cheers, Emile



    You'll love it. last year I picked up an old ST-70 for my kid. I ended up having Bob's tech update the unit and my kid loves it.

    The PAT-4 should work well with it, I have one I modified sitting in the back I took it out of service when the I started using the HK-500A (integrated amp)

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  4. 18 hours ago, Emile said:

    Hi All,


    Been searching and searching ... many posts, but not much for a "newcomer" to tube amps :( 


    Tried a (cheap) 23W/ch Pilot 230 tube amp in my small "stereo test room," and wasn't impressed. Although the sound was "different," I preferred my Marantz 1060 hooked up to Forte's and KG4's there.  


    Went through pages and pages in the "garage sale" section, but so far no luck. :(  Also ... sorry, but am too cheap to get a Mac 275 (locally at $6000) just to "try it." :) Looking for a good tube amp for $500-$1000. Any comments are appreciated. :) 


    Cheers, Emile



    I picked up a Harmon Kardon A-500 integrated tube amp 2yrs ago on E-Bay for $400. I think you can still find them for that price on E-bay.

    It sounded sweet on arrival but I did replace the filter and ps caps as a precaution. I plan on more updates to parts but have felt no real push to replace parts.




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  5. Enjoy. I still use the TD-160C I bought in 1976, a splurge at $230 (+$60 for a Shure V15-III) back then while I was in school.


    If you want to make some minor mods:

    1-Get rid of the fiberboard bottom and replace it with 3/4" plywood

    2- Put some Dynamat (or similar material) on the inside of the base 

    3- Consider changing the small rubber feet to ones that will give better isolation.

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  6. On 9/19/2017 at 5:53 PM, RoboKlipsch said:

    you will be much happier imo with a center that matches.  put it in front of the entertainment center theres room tilt it like the others.


    That's an interesting thought, and certainly worth considering.
    Not sure that I have the courage to take on the  wife over the decorating

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  7. On 9/12/2017 at 4:19 PM, MetropolisLakeOutfitters said:

    What do you have now?  Try to stick with the 450C if possible.  Some people just can't fit it though.  the 440C is the next best thing.  


    I'm currently using a surface mount M-L SLM speaker for the center and I am having a problem with it getting lost when used for A/V.
    I had a similar problem, with the M-L Edge speakers which are now R&L Effects speakers, being replaced by Klipsch Heresy1 rebuilds

    If you're curious he's the system.



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  8. On 6/3/2017 at 5:05 PM, cgolf70 said:

    And is one more rare, better or more valued than the others?


    Forte, Heresy, Cornwall, Quartet.....


    I found a pair of Fortes for $450 but have no idea where they rank in sound, value, etc.



    I've had a pair of Forte IIs since 1989. About 5 yrs ago I changed out the X-overs and tweeter diaphragms. these speakers will outlive me.

    The Fortes are a great speaker.
    If the choice was mine, assuming that the cabinets are in decent shape, I'd go for the Fortes for $450 and the next day I'd call Crites and get the parts needed to upgrade.

    These will be a great sounding pair for under $1000

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  9. If you're sure it is not the amp, I'll assume you did the typical R-L swaps.

    Then you'd have to dig into the speaker itself.

    My guess is the x-over has gone bad.

    The easiest way to access the drivers and x-over is by removing the passive radiator on the back of the Forte.

    Check the drivers, voice coil etc. make sure nothing has come loose.


    Crites Speakers should be able to supply you with updated x-overs and any other parts you need.

    It's also a nice idea to install his titanium tweeter diaphragms.


    The video of my Fortes may prove helpful.




  10. 1 hour ago, MainFrame said:






    The PreAmp is a Dynaco PAS-3. This is still a highly regarded and sought after preamp.

    These were put out by Dynaco in Philidelphia in the late 50's early '60s
    You can find the schematics on-line along with the manuals usually for free.


    It has also been used for numerous upgrades and modifications.

    Tubes4Hifi makes updated kits and boards for this: http://tubes4hifi.com/

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  11. It's hard to believe that a forum member would do this but I was made an offer by Forum member, made the payment and that was the last I heard from him.

    He hasn't responded to messages or emails.


    I say it is hard to believe because the guy took me for all of $10.

    I was looking for some Klipsch Emblems and he offered me them for the price of postage. I gave him a bit extra.


    He appeared to have a good rep on the forum but it is well over a month and he's not responding.


    I will not post the name here, but I will release it to a moderator and he can post it if he wishes.

    the $10 won't break me. I'm posting this as a warning, that despite there usually being a camaraderie on a Forum you still have to be careful.



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  12. On 4/30/2017 at 5:38 PM, BlessedPrince said:

    I do have a sub. I was just wondering why the auto calibration does that. I have my

    mains at 40hz
    Center at 60hz
    Surrounds at 80hz
    Presence at 80hz

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk


    The auto calibration seems to do well for calibrating distances but it does not adjust for Speaker Freq response limitations.

    I recently encountered this with some ML Edge in-walls, The bass was causing the woofers to bottom out. I was able to solve the problem by checking the speaker response and adjusting the Yamaha crossover points.

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    You mean there were 2 of these idiots out there?
    This guy Rossi appears to think that anything he doesn't like is crap. He has no respect for many of the classic designs or their creators who were the pioneers of audio.

    He doesn't like Klipsch (harsher on some than others), Bose (thinks 901s among others are crap), and makes similar comments on Sonos. But at no point does he present his bona fides. 


    He also claims to be a custom speaker maker. I would seriously question his abilities considering how little respect he has for some of the classic designs and the audio pioneers who designed them. He doesn't like Sonos, Bose, Klipsch among others.But aside from them not being to his liking he really gives no other reason why they should be disliked.


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  14. On 4/30/2017 at 6:31 PM, dirtmudd said:


    Here's the video you were trying to post. I've seen a couple he's done and by and large, he doesn't know half of what he thinks he does.

    one of his comments was the speaker doesn't reproduce to 26Khz, he mentions no reason why since the ear can't hear that frequency.

    His other videos aren't much better. 

    Finally, he appears to have little respect for anything he disagrees with



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  15. On 4/21/2017 at 0:00 AM, neck101 said:


    You think like me.  And thanks to your post, I went back and looked up the previous year's model, the 1050.  I had not even considered it, and it looks like it is basically the same as the 1060, has the features I want, AND is $300 cheaper!  Only problem is Crutchfield does not stock it any more.  Decisions, decisions!  I'll check Amazon.



    If you're still considering the Yamaha RX-A 860, I just spotted a couple of refurbs on NewEgg.com for $695

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  16. 5 minutes ago, USNRET said:

    Remember that dodads, codecs, 5.1 to eleventy 14 changes always, YOU must buy the latest.
    Get a set of nice speakers that you can afford (they will be replaced later)

    Get a solid 5 channel amp (it will not NEED replacing for years) if you get the itch for 7/9/17 channels later add more amps (cheaper cause those channels don't need the bestest
    Now get ready to buy last year's or 2 generations ago pre pro processor that has the "drive off the lot" loss of value.

    Speakers and amp good to go for many, many long time all you have to do is spend on processor when you want.



    I had to laugh as I read you comment (I do not mean this as an insult). How things have changed. 

    The old rule of thumb used to be put your money in the speakers, you'll be replacing the electronics.


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  17. 18 minutes ago, neck101 said:

    EJC...nice setup you have.  You know, I was looking early on at the 860, but as I did my research, I noticed other folks kept pointing out that the Aventage series of Yamaha was better because they used better parts and built a stronger receiver material-wise.  And then I read that the 860 and below are built the same as the RX-V line, hence the reason for the 1060 being 10 pounds heavier than the 860.  Whether or not this difference equates to a better avr, I can't say.  You obviously are happy with yours, and that's what counts.  As far as the power/features, the two models are essentially the same, and the 860 is $400 less!  Maybe you or someone else can chime in here and discuss the differences in depth.


    I agree with you about the frustrating life cycle of the upgrades in these units...reminds me of the car industry.



    You nailed the reason I got the RX-A860. I started with the 1060 but couldn't find a big enough difference to spend the extra $400. Frankly, the salesman didn't try to push on the 1060 either. He understood what I was doing and felt the 860 would fill the bill

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  18. On 4/11/2017 at 3:22 AM, neck101 said:

    Need some help.  I have the following speakers: (2)RF-3, RC-3, (2)RS-3, and a Paradigm PS-1000 sw.  I have been running a Yamaha RX-V995 receiver but need to get a new avr with HDMI.  I also have an older Yamaha M-45 power amp (125 wpc RMS) that I could use if needed.  I mostly watch DirecTV, NetFlix, and DVDs, with occasional music.  I plan to keep the 5.1 setup for now, but am considering a 7.1 receiver for zone 2.  While 4K may be in my future, right now I plan on using 1080p.  My room is about 30x20 with hardwoods and a 12ft ceiling, but I only use about half of the room for HT.  I have been reading posts about various models and noted that some have recommended a power rating which is 80% of the speaker's power rating.  But since the RF-3s are rated 225 wpc RMS / 600w peak, I am not sure I really need a 180w avr.  Even though I lean towards Yamaha, I am open to other manufacturers.  Any avr recommendations appreciated.



    We are in the same age bracket and I can't stand the speed with which expensive equipment is obsoleted today.

    I am also a Yamaha fan and currently have 4 Yamaha receivers in use.


    Regarding your comments on speaker power; Speaker ratings are typically maximum power rating and you will rarely be playing anything near those ratings.

    An amp with clean power will not damage your speakers, distortion will. Most of the time you're only pushing a couple of watts anyway. Since the late 60's I've had only 3 incidents of speaker damage. 2 were foam surrounds dying of old age, not a power or distortion issue. The 3rd was a Klipsch SW that blew, the driver went bad because the amp went bad, I replaced both with drop-in replacements from Parts Express and although I guess it is no longer technically a Klipsch it is still running strong.


    I just set up a system with a Yamaha RX-A860 and it plays plenty loud and is clean. Speakers are M-L Edge in-wall (Front effects), M-L SLM (Center), Klipsch Heresy rebuilds (R&L), and a Parts Express Titanic SW.






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  19. On 4/15/2017 at 2:34 PM, ScooterMcTavish said:

    Good afternoon friendly and helpful Klipsch community.


    I had originally joined this forum when I acquired a set of Klipsch Bookshelves, and had questions about placement and sound.


    Although those did go back to the store, some forum members had suggested that I likely had not listened to the best Klipsch had to offer, and that I should keep an open eye for some heritage models.


    So recently, I acquired a Jolida tube amp.  Although it sounds beautiful, it has made my Monitor Audio Silver 8i speakers unlistenable.  These speakers were somewhat mid forward already, and the tubes make them fatiguing and tinnitus inducing.


    After placing a local "speakers wanted" ad, a very nice local gentleman has offered me a set of the original Forte model, which have reportedly had both the Crites crossover and tweeter upgrades.  Price is a reasonable $400 and they are in average cosmetic condition.


    Output tubes on the amp are currently Tung Sol 6550s, with the front end being JJ ECC803S and some NOS GE 12AT7s.


    So for those who've used Fortes, do you find them mid forward, and could I be in for a repeat of my MA experience?  Or are the mids a bit better balanced off?  


    I have to say I find the idea of the large Klipsch intriguing (efficient, lots of bass) but do not want to waste the gentleman's time if they are straight up the wrong fit.


    I have also heard the Forte are less holographic than other speakers - the spacious image thrown by the tubes is amazing, and I'd hate to lose that as well.


    Thank you in advance for your feedback.



    I've owned a pair of Forte IIs since 1989, purchased new. About 5 years abo I did the Crites X-Overs and titanium diaphragms.

    Short of becoming homeless these speakers will be in a system in my home. The are simply fanatastic

    They are in an AV system as the Main L&Rs 

    They function in the AV setup and are great if I switch to stereo to listen the TT.

    As far as I'm concerned, Fortes are a buy and never look back. 

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  20. On 4/3/2017 at 11:51 PM, Atombomb516 said:

    Good evening.  Just bought my first set of Heresy's.  Got a pair of HBR's locally.  They need work.  Cabinets are going out this week for refinishing.  However one speaker has a series of small tears.  Any recommendations on where to have the speaker repaired also how do I date the set of speakers I have.  





    Hi Matt.


    I just did a complete rebuild of a pair of Heresys in December. Below is a video I made of the project.

    Some on the forum criticized me for my budget on the project - $1500, but in the end I had a virtually new pair of speakers with modern/updated drivers.

    Your experience is exactly why I went my route. I knew I could not leave a 40yr old pair of speakers alone and that is assuming there were no other issues with a used pair of almost 40yr old speakers. 

    Crites was able to supply everything I needed and the misc. stuff was found on Amazon.

    I hope the video helps




  21. I am partial to Yamaha as well. I've been using Yamaha since the late 80's. They're solid, dependable and sound great. I am currently running 4 Yamaha receivers and love the sound and have had no issues. Plus, their customer service is excellent with questions.


    I also would not be worried about power ratings of the speakers. That is usually continuous power which I seriously doubt you will ever experience. Most of the time the amp will be pushing just a couple of watts. Get a quality amp with the highest power rating and lowest distortion levels you can afford, more speakers are destroyed by clipping and distortion than power. 

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