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  1. Wut? Wow. That link epitomizes the vacuous ethics of consumerism in action, where bandits rip off dummies.
  2. I really don't see the appeal to having separates if you like what you're getting from the receiver. Seems to me to be more an opportunity to waste money on a hypothetical, marketing driven "upgrade". I say listen to music with your receiver, use the funds to go to concerts, or a tropical beach, or even a concert on a tropical beach. (Ok, that last one will cost more than a few stereo components.)
  3. Should be bluebird days for your visit. Enjoy your time in Colorado!
  4. It's a shame that a forum associated with PWK's name, a guy who was an actual scientist, has devolved into a hive of idiots who will believe almost anything, however ridiculous, and hold on to their lunacy with such determined ferocity. And **** you, Dave, for trying to keep this a "safe space" for such lunacy.
  5. One of Maynard's creations, perhaps? I'm not sure what he has left, but you won't find a better value tube amp to try than one of his unless you build it yourself. That assumes the single ended flea watt approach is what you're considering. (You should. Phase splitters always mess things up.)
  6. I have some risers. Where you at?
  7. http://scienceblogs.com/denialism/2017/02/06/science-always-has-been-and-always-will-be-political/
  8. Peer review and scientific consensus are a bit like a referendum among the experts who directly study the issue in question. Those who fight against this expose their partisan tribal identity more than they undermine the science. The facts just don't care about ideology, it seems.
  9. Unsure but it is tempting, and no, not on the list yet.
  10. Thanks for the feedback, Roy. Always a pleasure to interact with the Chief. I still have gobs of questions. I suppose I want to know all the secret forte sauce. I may have to visit in April and ply Roy with bourbon to get the answers. But if measurements are done better these days, I'm curious about those in the spec sheets for the earlier fortes (here and here). Both of those show extension below 38 hz. Presumably those measurements were taken in Klipsch's anechoic chamber, but for that extension, there must be more going on. Were they measured utilizing the false corners that were used for KHorn testing by chance?
  11. Can't really emphasize enough the importance of unclipped power, even when given a head start in the power race by virtue of high sensitivity speakers. Some of the old kit really delivered the goods, e.g. that Luxman. A couple years ago I rehabbed an old NAD amp I've had since college. The output devices alone in that thing were so over-spec'd it was ridiculous, and that sort of overkill approach was reflected throughout. Like the Luxman, it can deliver many hundreds of watts into lower impedance loads. Real hard to clip that fucker, it just get's louder and retains that effortless sound the whole way. I can bring my more modern ATI amp, ostensibly rated for more continuous output, to it's knees much sooner than the old amp.
  12. If that Yamaha has an impedance selector switch on the back, put it in the "high" or 8 ohm setting. That will allow the Yamaha to deliver full rated power (although it will run hotter, too). Some of the Yamaha AVRs have over-eager protections circuitry, too, and given the rapidly dropping output power into increasing number of channels, dollars to donuts you're clipping that sucker. Seems to be a good case where off-loading the L/C/R to a good three channel, or even just the L and R to a good two channel amp, makes a bit of sense.
  13. I've used them too. They're exceptionally handy for providing 'variable loudness' type eq, and better than eq or tone controls for that purpose IMO (bbe doesn't amplify hiss/noise, but boosts via tone controls or eq does). Speaking of which, I have two BBE362 for sale too.
  14. Isn't this what has come to be called a "Quasi-Sealed System"?
  15. Cool. Want another one? They do make clipping a distant memory. Careful with them in bridged mode, though. They have slightly worse s/n specs and don't tolerate low impedance loads when bridged. And is that a BBE Sonic Maximizer?!?!
  16. The only part of the 8 Cardinal rules I think has not stood the test of time is number 5, avoidance of cavities. He makes some broad generalizations, based on one tiny excerpt from a source from 1953. That all clearly has to do with modal behavior and Allison effect, all of which was elucidated at later dates than either the referenced Snow book or the publishing of the 8 Cardinal rules in 1961. I don't think it's coincidental that the early versions of the Cornwall had the woofs mounted low on the baffle, an approach which minimizes the Allison effect, applied a decade before that acoustic behavior even had a name. Today we have bass management and arrayed subs, able to address bass linearity and modal behavior in superior fashion than simply "avoiding cavities". The rest of the Cardinal rules seem as true today as they ever were. I'm confident that the Fifteens can meet at least several of the requirements. If they actually do remains to be seen. I just hope Roy doesn't get so cranky at his corporate peers that they don't send him a pair.
  17. Ok. Then speaking of tone, since these are fully active, are there any provisions for tone control or equalization?
  18. Squeaky wheel approach, Carl. If enough clamor for them, they may cave in. This made me wonder why Klipsch doesn't have a modern flagship speaker, something analogous to JBL M2 for example. And it also seems to me that there is a convergence of similar sound that corresponds to the degree of the quality of the engineering involved. Good speakers tend to sound more similar than different, so aiming for a distinct sonic character as opposed to neutrality seems counter-intuitive. Crush the puny competition with wide dynamic range, I say, but otherwise give what the recording has honestly. Let the musicians set the 'tone.'
  19. Ah-ha! So can we take this as indication they are not fully active, but rather amplified passive speakers? If so, will Klipsch sell slave/passive Fifteens to those who want them?
  20. Steve, the Fifteens are a knockout. I noticed that in some of the glamour shots of the Fifteens they're sporting what look like the spun metal woofers similar to the RP series, but in other photos they appear to have a more traditional paper cone woofers. I'm curious as to which the final product will be sporting, and would love to see more detailed specs and measurements.
  21. Very interesting. I've always appreciated my forte II for their excellent bass response, a remarkable juggling act of extension, sensitivity, cab size, and tight, well defined bass. Is it possible that the relative weakness in bass in your old fortes is due to your comparably huge room, and that you have your fortes perched up on big bass bins, off the floor and away from walls? Also curious as to extension...original forte, forte II spec 32 (I get that sort of extension in room here, easily), but Roy said the III's only go to 38 hz. Typo? Better start saving those ducats for the III and some Fifteens.
  22. Yeah, that's one thing where I think NAD and others are dropping the ball. Subs are ubiquitous these days, and the benefits of bass management are quite real. Two channel kit should really be designed to meet the needs of today, not 1978. (I wonder if Klipsch has it in their otherwise interesting, fancy new integrated amp...probably not.) Too bad Klipsch's new integrated hasn't hit the shelves yet, it looks like it would compete with the NAD and Cambridge. Anywho, take that as a rant against what the industry offers us, not an indictment of those particular products, which I don't know much about. A cursory glance shows that NAD to be one of their newer models using the Hypex n-core amps, which they seem to be switching over to across the board. I think that Klipsch is using the same in their new amp, too, but not certain. I think the CA is a traditional class a/b amp, tried and true tech. Either would probably work just fine.
  23. For a 2.1 rig, I would recommend something with bass management. My go-to two channel solution are the slim line Marantz AVRs: effective bass management, pre outs for L and R to accommodate external amps (probably never need more power, but you can, as well as having the option to throw a tube amp in the mix).
  24. Shameless plug. I've got a C372 for sale.
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