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  1. LOL1 No, they were made the way they are.
  2. there is no visual evidence those capacitors are "dried out". In fact, those likely have no fluids at all and cannot dry out. Your speakers may well sound better with new, good film and foil caps, but you won't know until you listen for a while. Heresies of that era should sound forward and crisp, even bright. If they do, you don't need new caps.
  3. There are a few slightly better drivers (is that what you mean by CD? that normally means "Constant Directivity.) for the K-400. You can try John Allen's A-55G; it has demonstrated lower distortion. You probably want to change to a Type AA crossover, or modify your AK2, a little for it. Your K-55-M is 1 to 2 dB hotter, depending on frequency and driver tolerance. The K-55-M is a good driver, with few problems. A driver with a 2" throat is not a good match to a horn with a 0.7" inlet/throat, regardless of the adapter. The advantage of a 2" driver is lower distortion at a given dB, outside the likely design and construction precision improvements. Are you really playing your Klipschorns so loud you can hear squawker distortion? It is often described as "frying bacon".
  4. You need to upgrade! To this: https://classicreceivers.com/marantz-4400
  5. If you had a multimeter, I think you'd have used it already. Since you likely don't, disconnect the bad tweeter from the crossover. Use a 1.5 volt battery, hold one wire to the negative terminal and stroke the positive with the other wire. You will hear scratching if the tweeter is good. If you don't, the bad tweeter needs a new diaphragm. Replacing a diaphragm is a precise, but not difficult job. It you hear scratching, the problem is in the crossover and we will need more data to pinpoint the failure.
  6. M7 is mahogany and I believe 7 means a dark shade. They should have been quite handsome when new.
  7. Also, please post your approximate location. There maybe someone close by that could help.
  8. Award for best joke of the day!!!!!
  9. The back air chamber volume of a La Scala is small already. Reducing it would hurt bass output. Don't.
  10. https://www.estatesales.net/GA/Smyrna/30080/3028725?utm_source=treasure_tracker&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=found_treasure&utm_term=klipsch
  11. I have an unproven theory that speakers used often don't need cap replacements as soon as speakers not used much, especially ones stored unused. If your K-horns sound polite and laid-back, perhaps distant, you probably need new capacitors. Your K-horns should sound big, bold, out in the room and lively. I had one H700 from the early 60s that needed new caps and one that didn't. If you have Type AK crossovers, change them to AK-3s. Shop ebay and our Garage Sale section. If you decide to replace the caps, replace them with the exact values your crossovers have and use very high quality film and foil caps. They will be expensive. To a point, your K-horns deserve them. Somewhere around $100 each, you begin to pay for prestige rather than sound. Avoid metalized film caps, they tend to have a subtle, hard edged sound.
  12. All you need to do is match capacitance and make sure to voltage rating is 100V or greater. One hundred volts into 8 ohms is 1250 watts. Yes, most capacitors for sale are electrolytic, because they are cheap and and small. For an audio circuit they tend to (perhaps subtly) change the waveform passing through them more than other caps and that is undesirsable.
  13. I was given a pair of T5Ms and they are my current go-tos.
  14. The K-77-M has the same diaphragm as a T350 and should carry its power ratings of 5 watts continuous/50 watts Peak (program)/100 watts instantaneous (I wouldn't test this). T350 EDS.pdf
  15. I have 2 pair I like quite a lot. Which model?
  16. Check out KG2s and maybe KG3s. Smaller, with a familiar sound.
  17. Not me. Once I got my Integra Pre/pro with internet radio, I quit FM. Other than to test it to be su re it works, my FM section never gets used. OTOH, I have a late '70s Technics receiver driving my H IVs and it often has FM on as as background music.
  18. I enjoy my Heresy IVs and would generally recommend them as first Klipsch. But from what you've been listening to, I'd recommend Fortes, as new as possible.. I have found the IIIs and IVs very pleasant and "real" sounding with roughly another octave of low bass over the H IVs.
  19. TTT. $100 + shipping.
  20. A 6 channel DSP and 3 D-75s should do it. That time alignment thing is worth the trouble.
  21. '70s Japanese amps did have a nice sound to them.
  22. I think you'll want to add some heavy drapes to the windows to absorb HF reflections. Then, add gentle eq. What's in the box on the dolly?
  23. Makes me wanna run out and buy some for MY hair!
  24. All of them! Metallica to Diplo dubstep. You may not hear or realize just how good they are, though, until you hear them play acoustic instruments. Acoustic instruments have a characteristic sound and are readily identifiable, unlike a synthesizer. If you go see the orchestra, or acoustic jazz, you will immediately recognize each instrument. The arrangement need not be sparse, either. The instruments should be readily heard regardless of how many pieces are playing.
  25. Mine didn't have that much damage, but there were some chunks missing out of the point of the dog house. I paid a good antique restorer to repair them and stain them red mahogany with a satin polyurethane finish. Whatever he did to the wood putty and wood (conditioner?) I can no longer find the repairs now that I have forgotten where they are. My avatar pic, on my member page gives a pretty good view. The edge plys are covered with a 3/4 x 3/4 cherry strip.
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