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Community Answers

  1. so Gil's motor skills are affected --Thank you for keeping us aware of Gil's Condition -
  2. 000


    now that's a Serious set of speakers --
  3. it would be nice if you could keep the Amp and tuner , as well as a pair of Belles for Gil , once he gets better , he may not be too happy to hear that all his gear is gone --but with a pair of stereo speakers and amp and tuner , that may just be what he needs -
  4. Nice piece , and very rare these days -the cannon points to the left at the rear , you would need to take it apart and line up the casting with the top steel plate holes , or adjust whatever is off , so that the cannon does not push to the left when it's fired , but rather that it rolls backwards freely
  5. I cannot agree with that statement - the AL Networks AL-AL2-AL3 are used in several thousands, if not tens of thousands of Lascala speakers with 0 issues , however as usual , some people just like to complain -
  6. Technics TT's never cease to make , better and even better TT's year after year -
  7. 000

    NHL 2021 -2022

    Montreal Canadiens Nominate Jeff Gorton as their Executive Vice-President of Hockey Operations , and He is highly recommended by the NHL Commissioner the Honorable Gary Bettman , Mr Gorton becomes the 2nd in Command at the CH NHL team -
  8. 000


    did you sample the Danley speakers , do they sound proper in an average room -your impressions would be appreciated -
  9. The K402 may not be a drop-in but it's certainly a great fit for the Khorn , in a 2 way HIFI speaker , with enclosed backs and an Axi 2050 compression driver , you can call it a Poor Man's Jubilee -
  10. 000

    Hanukkah Greetings

    Happy Festival of Lights! Hanukkah Greetings for Love, Peace, and Happiness to all the Sons and Daughters of Abraham .
  11. 000

    KP-301 II $500

    seller 's remorse , he decided to keep them
  12. The birch veneer looks like you got it back to the raw birch finish , I cant see any flaws , I would use boiled linseed oil , on the cabinet , if you want an even color , only precaution would be to burn the rags -
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