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  1. Cool enough , did you try using 3mil teflon tape on the metal threads prior to threading onto the softer ABS
  2. drill holes no ,clean the switch 100% - - if that does not get it working correctly ,clean the relay -could be static from dust-dirt particles over the years on the contacts - -clean the contacts with deoxit ---test , if all is fine , great , if not , replace the relay-
  3. the 78 Lascala were not veneered , so the speakers have new veneer - try and post the pictures of the veneer job , let's see what was done --if there's a simple fix , we'll tell you what to do -if there isn't , you'll know
  4. are these the K510 Clones , can you show a picture of the Adaptors you are using with the K55V
  5. Yes , when speakers are new ,and the warranty is active --- best to not touch anything until the dealer is contacted , they will suggest various solutions
  6. the Forum was never down , not even a second it was an Expired Certificate message pending a renewal which could be bypassed with 2 clicks , all klipsch web sites are extremely Secure , therefore there was no risk to log into the forum -
  7. call the dealer firsthand , they can either replace the speakers or send a technician over to fix it ,
  8. beautiful hill top view , just like a highrise , and no neighbors
  9. the difference between both speakers seems to be the woofer , otherwise quite identical-
  10. , you're correct , the crossover and the midrange driver k55V , the midrange k400 horn , tweeter k77 are definitely upwards of 1961 , the k400 is 1963-64 minimum, the bass bin Ser# 198 alone is 1951 or 1952
  11. yep , the top hat looks like a 1960's drivers in a khorn and not a 1950's khorn .......the Khorn bass bin serial no 198 refers to a 1951 or 1952 khorn -
  12. make sure to buy Gold-plated HDMI cables , there is actually a difference in sound quality as they have better and Larger conductors
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