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  1. 1 hour of elbow grease , black satin paint + 2 new dust caps is all they need , GLWTS
  2. Serial nos 55S725 and 55S726 are Klipsch Heresy 1 series... Made in 1978 , with Alnico V magnets for the K77 tweeter and the K-55V midrange driver , + a Ferrite square magnet for the K-22 12 inches woofer . -the mids K-700 horn and the tweeter horn are metal /aluminium , these speakers share the HF drivers with the larger Cornwall and the high end Belle-LaScala -Khorn series . -the crossover is the E network , the cabinets are birch/fur plywood with Klipsch copper badges and cloth grilles ,
  3. Cornwall Serial numbers 9P411 and 9P412. were Made in 1976 with Alnico V magnets for the K77 tweeter and the K-55V midrange driver + a Ferrite magnet for the K-33 woofer , the mids and tweeter horns are metal /aluminium , the crossover is the B network , the cabinets are birch/fur plywood with Walnut oiled veneer , value is 1500$ or 2000$ if in mint condition with the klipsch PWK pie badges or copper badges and grilles ,the speaker risers were optional for 1976 .
  4. The speaker model is Klipsch KG 4.2 Oak veneer , Made in 1992
  5. 130$ for a new R-12SW is hard to pass up
  6. what's the model-brand of the TV you're using
  7. here's the RSW-15 service manual , the RSW-15 and RSW-12 are technically similar Klipsch RSW-15 SM.pdf 448.29 kB · 8 downloads
  8. the Woofers , Midrange drivers + Tweeters have Alnico magnets , Made in 1969 , the speaker cabinets are in original condition including the badges- fabric -wood finish , I would leave these rare speakers as-is for preservation .
  9. Model H Speakers H-WO -12 serial numbers 397 -398, Signed by Lloyd McClellan , PWK's 1st employee and J.D Powell , these speakers were Made sometime in 1962 .
  10. are you sure you wired the new PS correctly ?
  11. Yamaha A-S 801 AB Class ( as low as 700$ brand new on Ebay ) , same specs / 1/2 the price of a D Class NAD C 3050 https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/hifi_components/a-s801/specs.html
  12. the serial numbers you provided are 2 different Heresy speakers with each Heresy speaker housing a different set of drivers and crossovers - the 1st serial # 8508682 is a 1985 Heresy , the 2nd serial # 65S781 refers to a 1978 Heresy ,
  13. Klipsch part # 127123, ......OEM equipment CW- Forte-Heresy III / IV , cost is on par with aftermarkets
  14. stick with the 400 , the connect app has been a source of software issues
  15. Replacing the Power Supply will in most cases resolve the issue / AC to DC Isolated Power Supply Module DC 24V 4A 5V 1A Dual Output Power AC 120V https://www.amazon.com/NOYITO-Isolated-90-256V-50-60Hz-Industrial/dp/B07WKH5RZV?th=1 .https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07WKH5RZV/ref=srdp?keywords=noyito+ac+to+dc+power+supply+24v+5v&srpt=POWER_CONVERTER&sres=B07WKH5RZV%2CB07T9PJ9D7%2CB07BDL176B%2CB07JV7CN1T%2CB07C1JHBB3%2CB07CNTHTSP%2CB07FNFJTHH%2CB0816B34FR%2CB07CML2GXN%2CB081RGVJGD%2CB06XJVYDDW%2CB07BLTTX1W%2CB07C8R5PJD%2CB07HWP4TSX%2CB07G6J3PK1%2CB07BLQKW37&qsid=135-3283479-4546535
  16. yet , they're not too far apart , if properly recapped with a revised power supply .
  17. dust caps and black speaker cement glue are sold on Ebay in various sizes , most new dust caps have a lip , buy a pair since the new dust cap may not match the old dust cap on your 2nd speaker , use a hair dryer to melt off the glue and peel off the old dust cap if you're not comfortable using a precision knife , and gently does it .
  18. M-5000 features low distortion up to 100 kHz,, stable at 2 Ohms @ 400 wpc ,C-5000 preamp runs on 2 discrete book matched circuit boards with 2 transformers , the AL-5 will do just fine
  19. the 600 was discounted at very low prices , and it shows as sold out https://www.klipsch.com/sound-bars
  20. try doing a Factory Reset vs updating the Firmware https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/articles/360051253192-Cinema-1200-Factory-Reset
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