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  1. Mate , there's a K47-KT in Condell Park https://www.ebay.com/itm/264162828023
  2. check the resistance at the pos-neg terminals of the drivers with an Ohmmeter , set the dial to Ohms.
  3. the speakers were modified , and stripped /sanded to remove the black paint , the tag of the speaker indicates the finish of the speakers from the factory .
  4. good idea , what are the resistance readings on the 2 speakers ,and are the readings a close match ?
  5. yeah , Traditional Chinese Medecine , https://www.petersheng.com/embracing_yin_and_yang/
  6. I think they added pigment or colorant to the fibreglass resin , the pigment /colorant does fade and lighten somewhat as it ages
  7. Yin Yang and Feng Shui are part of Asian Medecine , nothing to do with Audio .
  8. your local Aluminium extrusion shop can make it if you cant find some on the forum
  9. I've never seen an E2 with metal cans before so this could very well be a modified E network , the E2 usually ship with small black caps instead of cans the E2 woofer inductor is 4mH whereas the E is 2,5mH.
  10. https://www.parts-express.com/Dayton-Audio-SSWB6-6-Speaker-Stand-Pair-with-Wooden-Base-240-755?quantity=1 https://customspeakerstands.com/shop/
  11. She'll come around , give her 2 days , she'll borrow your computer very often
  12. The A-S 2200 also packs an exceptional preamp ,
  13. the AL is even more recent than the AA , talk to Jim , see what he says ,
  14. replace the capacitors , remove all modifications , the speaker was designed for optimal performance by Engineers , buy a new Klipsch capacitors kit from JEM , open the box , check the cabinet sealing , are the drivers original ? are the crossovers original or modified ? what is the condition of the woofer suspension ?
  15. there should be a sticker/tag at the back of the speaker , please reply /write what you see , starting from the top less the manufacturer's , name , address the S/N could indicate a manufacturing year of 1990 , more info on your part will confirm if this is correct or not .
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