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  1. Prayers to the Family of your Friend Brent , Sorry for Your Loss , Take Care Bro , there's nothing that you can do except Remember the Good Times
  2. @Stash You can try reflowing the solder on the positive terminal of the k-75 Tweeter diaphragm , the solder joint or the lead may be cracked or damaged and causing a bad contact , if that does not resolve the issue , klipsch parts sell the Genuine klipsch Titanium diaphragm used in the Heresy 3-4 , Cornwall 3-4 and Forte 3-4 .klipsch part no is 127123 , roughly $35. On behalf of the 45k + Forum Members , Welcome to the klipsch Forum .
  3. I always loved That Voice , Very Sad Day
  4. Nope , Both the Cinema 600-800 are compatible systems , plus you can add a 2nd subwoofer or simply replace either the Cinema 600-800 wireless subwoofers with the subwoofer of your choice.
  5. by re-using the open back panel with ventilation holes , the 2 Klipsch 3650 in ceiling speakers at both ends of the console cannot produce sound in a sealed chamber , but more so , the way the console was originally intended to sound which is a more open sound
  6. the console is gonna sound like a full range open baffle speaker
  7. no , it's simply not needed as long as the seams of the console are glued ,and the rear of the console is sealed with a wood panel , versus the old masonite board , adding insulation can reduce the overall size of the enclosure
  8. this is the 1st time I hear that a klipsch speaker needs to be attenuated by more than -10 dB , it 's usually the contrary , so from what you're saying , the Heritage Jubilee pounces more in the bass section than the UJ , the HJ can be used in small Theaters or Clubs , it's that good .
  9. you can buy the Fabric directly from the Manufacturer of the klipsch speaker cloth - https://www.wendellfabrics.com/ email jlewson@wendellfabrics.com (864) 839-6341
  10. pickup in Texas , locals to Amarillo TX only , good luck , guys
  11. you cant fit , cast frame K-43's in a Lascala unless you grind off at a straight angle the k-43 rounded basket , the k-43 cast frame is wider than the walls of the LS dog house .
  12. guys , take it to klipsch tech support ......https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us
  13. Whar's wrong with the woofer ?
  14. excellent deal , 1300$ off the new selling price , no taxes seller has 20 hours usage ....Brand New
  15. if the Voice coil is defective and the cone is intact , the VC can be replaced without replacing the cone
  16. 3 aftermarket kits , around 63$ each + shipping , you supply the labor + the glue and epoxy https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-k43e-aftermarket-recone-kit-4-ohm/
  17. beautiful Voice , Lovely Lady , very sad Day
  18. OO1

    Chorus in VA

    klipsch used prices are going -----up up up
  19. that's right .........all you can buy are Aftermarket kits + the glue , epoxy costs and shipping are added on top of the price of the kit , 129$ for a brand new K-33 from klipsch is a bargain .... https://reconingspeakers.com/products-page/klipsch-k43e-aftermarket-recone-kit-4-ohm/
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