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  1. No , what you need is a threaded insert with the threads on the inside
  2. protecting IP such as badges and logos is essential for any brand , there's simply no way around it , except in fairy tales .
  3. good luck , I would use distilled water rather than tap water
  4. you'll need a threaded K-703 horn , the KLF-30 /KLF-20 share the same mids horn
  5. klipsch Parts have original klipsch pie badges , all ready with peel and stick 3M double sided tape
  6. I'll be getting tickets for the NJ May 23rd show
  7. OO1


    the Chiefs were disappointing for the 1st time this season , the KC Chiefs need rest , time off , and lotsa of it .
  8. -dont forget the H IV is a ported speaker design vs a sealed cabinet , you wanna keep it as close to stock as possible for optimal ( air-flow ) performance
  9. OO1


    49ers Eagles 42-19 , another win for Brock Purdy
  10. a cleaner that's not approved by klipsch may make things worse , contact the dealer , report the issue , , dont do anything until klipsch have responded .with clear instructions .
  11. https://www.klipsch.com/warranty-heritage-products
  12. are you the original owner and are you still covered by the 10 years warranty ?
  13. set the dial of the Ohmmeter to Ohms , unscrew 6 screws , slowly gently , separate the top plate from the magnet assembly , place the prongs on the leads of the diaphragm and check DCR , above 10 Ohms the diaphragms are working , no reading the diaphragms will have to be replaced
  14. https://2d73e25b29782b6d6766-9c8af5cbfef16739445bc76457060528.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/a60thKhornBrochure_635042120283920000.pdf
  15. enclosed backs on khorns allow the freedom to move the khorns out of the corners of the walls , for a toe in , you still need corners , but the speakers no longer have to be firmly in the corners at a fixed 45 degrees , but rather in closer proximity of a corner .
  16. are you planning to enclose the backs of the Khorns
  17. when the OP says it's crackling ,he really means that the amp is overheating and distorting , so yes , the solution is not to crank the amp in order for the amp to run cooler
  18. you need a more powerful amp , you risk damaging the 2nd amp just as easily as high distortion levels can damage the amplifier
  19. sure they do , they dont call em pros for nothing , big difference vs an amateur
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