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  1. if you ever want more out of your speakers , you can upgrade your Forte III to the Forte IV , by purchasing a kit from klipsch https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/articles/10919293829780-Forte-IV-upgrade-kit-instructions-
  2. Crown-BGW amps suit the MCM-1900 very well
  3. klipsch are coming out with new Horn loaded vented subs ( powered + DSP ) by next summer for the Khorn
  4. the thread is about a tweeter , it's not about twitter
  5. not so fast , one installs braces to tame resonance in the LS bass bin , but , in reality the braces reduce the bass output of the LS bass bin
  6. total BS there were no serious issues with resonance from the LS cabs , resonance was a tad noticeable with the 200W Lascala Industrial speakers when they were pushed hard and klipsch resolved the issue by beefing up the LSI cabs in the early 80's , I own the LSI . more BS there was no problems either with the 1/2 inch Heresy 1 or Cornwall 1 rear panels or there would have been thousands of threads on the subject over the years , I also own the Heresy- Cornwall with 0 problems .
  7. OO1


    Cowboys 3...Bills 31 who wouda thunk ?
  8. in an LS bass bin , thicker panels must be all around including the panels of the dog house in order to tame the resonance from the top+ bottom + the sides +the dog house , 2 horizontal braces cant replace all these panels without causing unwanted reflections .
  9. klipsch engineering had nothing to do with it , the realities during the 70's and 80's warranted cost cutting measures across the entire industry as interest rates were over 20% . yet , PWK still used fir plywood , BB , marine plywood , copper plate badges , expensive grille fabric and veneer while the competition used chip board , vinyl , plastic grilles and badges and cheap speaker fabric to cut their production costs . if you ask me , klipsch engineering did pretty good
  10. the picture above was taken when PWK was experimenting with the 200 wpc LSI speakers , the problem was that the LSI series used regular LS home cabinets , while the LS cabinet was not originally designed to handle 2x the power rating in a commercial setting . -the picture also has nothing to do with the 100 wpc LS for home use which did not resonate at the 50% lower power rating , while experimenting with braces PWK found out that add-on braces caused unwanted reflections in the LS1 bass bin , for that reason , PWK never approved the use of braces in an LS1 or LSI bass bin - instead , effective early 80's , a new LSI cabinet was released with beefed up panels to increase the performance of the LSI bass bin , these advances eventually trickled over to the new LS II series with 1 inch MDF . here is an early 80's LSI cabinet with thicker plywood featuring rounded corners and rounded openings for the mids and tweeter horns
  11. I fail to see what AK has to do with LS1 resonance , and the question was not in any way restrictive ,
  12. 1000$ for khorns was given away
  13. OO1


    Bill Belichick set to leave the Patriots at the end of the season
  14. there always was 2 EV tweeters used by klipsch heads , the 1st the K-77 , because most middle aged adults cant hear past 12-14 Khz , but for the few Boneheads who can hear past 15000 Hz , the 2nd tweeter is the EV-T350 @ 3500 to 23000Hz
  15. your Honda dealer ,has catalogs,of sound parts , 1 advantage is the parts are made to fit the car's interior ,
  16. date range is 1971 through 1976 , a diaphragm kit costs 57 $ each so 100$ off is about right
  17. 1st guess would be late 70's ,closer to 1979 the speakers should have K-77 round magnets , AA crossover -K-55V mids drivers
  18. used + 40 years old K-77 tweeters now sell for more money than new tweeters , and oddly for close to 20 years , cies like Crites and ALK bashed the K-77
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