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    make sure , the KG-4 woofers are in good shape , since the parts are no longer manufactured by klipsch .
  2. le Forum se concentre surtout sur la Serie Heritage , il serait assez difficile de retrouver des dates de productions exactes sauf si vous avez des nos de series
  3. new klipsch sound bars , subs , speakers , etc are covered by support and warranty during the duration of the warranty coverage period . that's the reality .anyone claiming anything different is pure gossip ,
  4. if you want to buy klipsch parts , call or email @JEM Performance JEM are a klipsch Heritage Dealer , JEM stocks the K55X drivers and I'm pretty sure JEM can supply the diaphragms including the services to swap defective diaphragms with new units 412-401-6915 or email theaudioroom@verizon.net
  5. a new klipsch Part is definitely better than an old adapter since plastic cracks with age
  6. anyone on the Forum have a private jet plane en route to Meade TN , hauler back
  7. recently , no , but the best way to find a set of Mahogany legends is to place a wanted ad in the Garage sale section
  8. you dont need to replace the networks , if you are in the USA , all you need to do is service the units with new klipsch parts
  9. @jjptkd Jesse ,I fell on this old thread , so why not answer it , the specs shown above are indeed a typo , the crossover frequencies of a KP-201 and KP-201 II are 700Hz / 7KHz Here are the Specifications for a KP-201 Frequency response (Hz): Crossover frequency: 700 Hz w/ 12 dB/octave roll-off (woofer &. midrange), 7000 Hz w/ 18 dB/octave rolloff (tweeter), KLiP circuit tweeter protector Component.: Woofer K-24-K 12-lnch (30 cm) w/ water-proofed cone Midrange: K-53-K 1.5-lnch (3.8 cm) compression driver Tweeter K- 76-K I-Inch (2.5 cm) compression driver Input connectlons : Parallel locking Neutrlk D-shell 1/4-ln. phone Jack and parallel red/black five-way binding posts, Input Is fused (2 A r~ommended), Enclosure: 3/4-lnch (19 mm) 9-ply void-free plywood. Internally braced ~ lined with acoustical foam. Metal grille. Dimensions (without trlm): 21 13/16" (55.4 cm) H, 15 15/16" (40.5 cm) W, 131/4" (33.6cm) D Weight, Ib5. (kg): 38 (17.3) net, 52 (23.6) shipping Here are the specs of the KP-201 II Power Handling: 125 Watts* (21 V) Maximum Continuous Output @ 1 Meter with Full Power Input: 116 dB SPL Dispersion Angle: 90° Horiwntal x 40° Vertical Directivity (Q): 8.1 Directivity Index: 9.1 Sensitivity @ 1 Watt/1 Meter (2.83 V): 96 dB SPL Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms (4.5 Minimum @ 550 Hz) Crossover Network: 700 Hz, 12 dB/Octave, 7000 Hz, 18 dB/Octave Drive Components: LF: K-22-KP 12" (300 mm) Woofer MR: KP-66-E (50 mm) Titanium Compression Driver HF: K- 762-KP (25 mm) Compression Driver Input Connections: Red/Black Five-way Binding Posts and Neutrik Speakon~ NL-4 Height: 2113/16" (55.4 cm) Width: 15 7/S" (40.5 cm) Depth: 13 1/4" (33.6cm) Weight: 381bs. (17.3 kg)
  10. here's the 5A fuse for the SPL -120 https://www.ebay.com/itm/255348503781
  11. white or black should work fine as long as you use an identical pair call klipsch parts , or check on Ebay , you can also place a wanted ad in the Garage Sale section
  12. UPS and Fedex have Packing services but the client must bring the item to the packing location , Fedex have a fragile packing service , most important , always add full insurance coverage https://www.theupsstore.com/about/pack-ship-guarantee https://www.fedex.com/en-us/shipping/packing/supplies/boxes.html
  13. the original KLF-20/30 adapter was white with no bug screen , it was a white version of the Heppner K-52H adapter , the klipsch designed black adapter with bug screen was also used with the KLF-20/30 , but later on , @jjptkd Jesse , I had never seen the adapter with the bug screen before , tx for showing it
  14. No , what you need is a threaded insert with the threads on the inside
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