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  1. -real old horn , the one without the welds is much nicer
  2. all the K400 horns ring - as do the tweeter k77 -T35-T350 metal horn -and it was definitely more costly for PWK to purchase a metal horn - versus a plastic unit - -so did PWK actually prefer the ringing tone of the K400 - it sure seems like it -
  3. -check the welds on one of the horn --horrible casting
  4. OO1


    yeah - that can lead to component failure - these are best to be used with the KP 250 crossover since it is a marvel and Bob Crites had already explained this - in addition to the AGC 2.5 amp fuse - Bob added the Klipsch shematic - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/81741-kp-250-crossover-discussion/
  5. yeah - some people called it a Heresy 1.5 - here is a thread on this from DJK , http://www.audioasylum.com/cgi/t.mpl?f=hug&m=41395
  6. Here is an old thread on the KP 201 II - https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/141665-kp-201-ii/ 400$ for a brand new set of Klipsch KP 201 II aint bad either - These are Heresies with 2 inch Titanium mids and K76 highs - pretty close to a H2 or better -
  7. -real club speakers -------perfectly worn -super
  8. KLIPSCH parts sell the K401 plastic horns very cheap - so dont even bother buying these used -
  9. OO1


    not enough bass output -
  10. OO1


    not sore they will , but there they are -------so use them
  11. -really nice speakers for sale -glws
  12. -yep they are -----with a light cutaway for clearing the woofer
  13. these are not the best reproductions either - versus a true JBL HARTSFIELD CAB but PWK did get it right with the Khorn and definitely the fantastic Jubilee
  14. Not a fan of the sound, even a modern version with fancy drivers and field coils. Nah. Shallow bass. Claude is right on - I would buy a pair of Khorns if I was on a budget anytime -and if I had the money - a pair of Jubilees - the Hartsfield HF horns and drivers are however fantastic whether in a 2 or 3 way -
  15. these are A networks from Bob Crites - http://www.critesspeakers.com/ - BOB stopped using GE cans a few years ago -so these are either 10 or 5 years old - now if you have a serial number in the back of the board - BOB can give you the exact details as to the specs -
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