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  1. The Dynaco ST70 tube amplifier was a new built up kit -not an original Dynaco st70 amplifier -
  2. I would rather just buy a single Walnut Belle for 500$ - he can keep the black one
  3. - this is the Klipsch forum - we have KP 600's that "Could" pizz off a neighbor even more so than a EAW setup can -
  4. beautiful - did you actually build these yourself - either you are handy with a soldering iron or you are a great technician - great job
  5. strange enough- for these graphs - when the old bands like the Stones - Eagles and the rest come in town , there are tons of kids at these shows and the musicians are in their seventies 's - soon 80's -
  6. Hi - Steven , what was the model of the DBX amplifier you have on repair -as far as the tube amplifier being noisy , can you elaborate more -thanks -
  7. it is even more fun when you hook them up and listen to that Heresy sound -
  8. Bendable plywood? yeah - now that would work for sure
  9. wood would only be for show purposes -
  10. C'mon, let's not get personal, and certainly no name-calling. First of all Mr. Thom is entitled to his opinion of what he heard with his own ears, we weren't there. And second, he did not insult the whole Klipsch community, he didn't hurt my feelings one bit. He said he heard a Heresy setup, possibly the original Heresy. There is a reason Klipsch moved on to the Heresy II. I imagine if we could sit down with Mr. Thom and listen to the same setup he heard, we might agree with him. Who knows? I confess to have sinned in temptation - God have mercy on my soul
  11. Shouldn't that should be AL-4 or AL-5? you noticed that - did you - A L - Lascala - A K -Khorn -
  12. a Heresy will bring out details - you didnt know were even there / lacking - you mean -UNCOLORED - Heresy speakers were designed for vocals - and precise sound reproduction - =if you want - a lot of boom - and bang - Sears -kmart speakers will do better - - I would suggest you listen to some HI FI before sharing with a whole forum such a remark - -in case you didnt know -Heresy 1 carries the same midrange K55V or K55X and tweeter T35 as a Khorn in 2015 - the H3 carries the same midrange and tweeter of a Cornwall 3 made in 2015 -
  13. you can buy Heresy 3 used for that price or less =
  14. the lascala are 3/4 inch thick plywood walls - the scala 2 - 1 inch mdf - now if you add braces to the Scala - that pretty much is the same -
  15. Greg - what is the wood filler you use Most of the time I use epoxy fillers and glues. Sometimes I use auto-body fillers, it depends on the situation. If I know the area being repaired is going to be covered with plywood (like 1/8" smoothing panel for the veneer), the auto-body filler is fine, but if I know the repair will be directly below the veneer, I prefer epoxy because it is more stable (shrinking/expanding). Greg thanks for the info -that wil help -
  16. if you have pictures - that would guide us to tell me if they are worth it - 300$ is not bad at all -
  17. I vote lascala - period - best value you can find and enjoy -
  18. OO1

    One Sexy Beast

    YEAH and extremely expensive - the only 330 P4 left - 100 million $ - who knows -
  19. -welcome - these are pretty expensive speakers - 3k pounds for sure -your best bet is to go to your local klipsch dealer and audio the speakers there -
  20. now you are talking - I remember when they discontinued Cornwalls - are these scalas timeless -
  21. the amp cost 1500$ - and the selling price is 700$ - is anything wrong with the amplifier - -
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