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  1. The AA crossovers should play fine and if they do - dont touch them , you may be surprised in their sound output -the build quality in these years 1977 were exceptional - high quality thicker veneers than the current razor thin
  2. - 1977-these were some of the best Belles made , between 1971 and 2005 - - finish wise , these Belles are just beautiful -
  3. Belles started in 1971 - these are 77 versions with the AA crossover - k55 Vpush pin - k33E woofer -beautiful
  4. I have a pair of Cornwalls to pick up - how can I get hold of the cornwall vault - and can someone explain to me how it all works - tx
  5. all these capacitors are very expensive and high end - you sure know your stuff - how much did you spend so far on caps alone -
  6. here is the rear terminal cup -
  7. what's the technology -
  8. Is it 95 watts ACD, or just 95x2 @ 8 ohms? Most specs are either 1 or 2 channels driven, so usually the actual WPC is much lower than what is on the spec sheet. right on
  9. high-performance polyethylene (HPPE)
  10. thanks for the pictures - a slight sanding - and refinish - and they will look as good as new - the cabinets are other wise in great shape - with logos and grilles - wow - super karma -
  11. very nice - good luck with the sale
  12. someone had to tell him the truth - the placebo effect gone ,the reality sets in -
  13. thanks for the information - KSC quality is sublime -I wonder if recone kits are available -
  14. excellent deal by the way and in great shape
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